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The Ellen DeGeneres Show wraps filming on the series finale. Ellen premiered in 2003 and is one of the longest-running talk shows on TV. Ellen has featured interviews with Hollywood’s finest, audience members dancing it out, and a plethora of prize giveaways. In 2020, the talk show made headlines after former Ellen employees revealed that the series created a toxic work environment. Following the accusations, DeGeneres issued a lengthy apology for the events, and the show made major changes behind the scenes. Last year, DeGeneres announced that The Ellen Show would come to an end after season 19.

Now, the acclaimed talk show host has signed off. DeGeneres took to Twitter to reveal the final episode of The Ellen Show has wrapped filming. In her statement, DeGeneres reflected on how much has changed during the show’s run. The talk show host expressed gratitude to her audience and revealed that the series finale of Ellen will air on May 26. Here is DeGeneres’ meesage from the final day of filming:

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The Ellen Show endured a tough year with toxic workplace allegations and low ratings. However, it appears the series will end on a positive note. Talk shows have evolved since Ellen‘s debut, but the show’s format, memorable moments, and iconic guests made it a staple of daytime television. The Ellen DeGeneres Show aired more than 3,200 episodes and left an impact on its viewers. Many will likely tune in next month for the series finale. 

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