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Nintendo’s recently delayed Super Mario Bros. movie is set to release in April 2023. It will feature a ton of characters from the Mario universe, including more obscure characters like Foreman Spike. Fans of the yellow-clad greedy treasure hunter will be disappointed, however, as Wario has not been confirmed for the film and so they will have to get their Wario content in the form of memes instead.

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Wario memes just make sense. He’s a popular character, with two series to his name. He also makes frequent appearances in Super Mario spin-offs and Super Smash Bros. games as a wacky outlier character. So memes about him include some of the silliest Mario fanatics have ever seen.

This meme is from BuckenBen on Reddit and it features something popular in memes; edits of Spongebob Squarepants, specifically, the episode “I’m With Stupid,” where Spongebob acts like an idiot on purpose. In the episode, there is a scene where he bites at Patrick, which reminds fans of Wario’s neutral special in Super Smash Bros.

It’s a wacky move where he unhinges his jaw and takes a giant bite. It’s technically based on an attack from Wario World, but it’s still strange. It’s actually an important move for any Wario players to know how to use and this meme makes fun of how common it is for Wario players to use it.

This specific meme (from Wario_memes_weekly) is credited to a deleted user named Meestamemes, but the format has been around for a while. It presents the playable character Wario in Mario Party losing animation and it’s pretty depressing looking.

But what is he so sad about? “Kahoot” is a teaching game used in schools and not something that should be taken that seriously. This meme takes the silly character Wario and makes him look serious and then takes it a step further by adding a ridiculous situation for the punchline.

Wario and Waluigi are pretty exaggerated characters. It makes sense, given that Mario and Luigi are already pretty weird-looking. This Tumblr post from users theweegeemeister and onion-souls really puts things into perspective, though.

The change on the nose sticks out as obvious, but the same can’t be said for the other changes. … makes Wario’s eyeliner-colored eye bags and enlarged pupils more obvious and it really makes the character design stand out. The punchline about the two being relatable for needing sleep is the real star here, turning a hilarious meme edit into a golden joke.

This vertical meme is about Wario’s iconic laugh and it was posted on Reddit. Wario’s laugh is an energetic chortle that is honestly pretty funny on its own and it’s a testament to Charles Martinet’s great voice acting.

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But this meme isn’t merely about Wario’s giggling whenever he does something naughty. It’s about the YouTube video “Wario Laughing” by user MetalKingBoo. It’s a hysterical video that chains together Wario’s laughing effects for a non-stop chortle. It’s the perfect example of a surreal meme and the meme above gets it well.

This meme comes from the Instagram user the_owner_of_my_page. Wario’s definitely the kind of guy to make get-rich-quick schemes. Even the heat of summer wouldn’t stop him and he’s not really the guy to be concerned with morals either.

So this meme about Wario selling stolen dogs makes a lot of sense. It’s pretty dark but has a black comedy edge. The summer swimming angle is completely irrelevant, it’s just a very funny juxtaposition that is very Wario.

Elon Musk’s appearance on Saturday Night Live was very controversial, but this sketch of him dressed as Wario spawned a lot of memes. In particular, this one from Reddit user ZakTheRedditor. … “this was such a terrible skit” takes the focus off of Elon and Wario and brings to mind western RPGs.

Games like Skyrim and other RPGs allow players to customize their character and let them be as ridiculous as possible. So a character can look ridiculously out of place in a serious scene, just like how Musk looked as Wario.

The V vs Chad meme format is very popular for comparing things and a lot of people are very opinionated about Wario. There’s a lot of divide between fans of the newer WarioWare games and the older Wario Land games, so memes comparing the one to their preferred version became popular.

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But this hilarious meme from ifunny user Mirayuki splits the difference by showing the benefits of both versions of the character. Wario is a shockingly complex character and he contains multitudes within his stinky self.

In late 2019, a new Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games game was coming out. And Twitter user @antdude92 made an observation that spread like wildfire. Eggman is another character popular in memes, especially with the recent Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie. But what’s really shocking here is that Eggman has nipples and Wario does not.

However, what really makes it all the more strange is Eggman’s situation. The meme showcases how different companies want their characters to be portrayed. In any case, it’s an amusing thought that sticks in anyone’s mind when they see Wario.

Twitter user @FreakInASheet made an observation about one of Wario’s attacks. A forward tilt is an attack in Smash Bros. used by tilting the directional stick and hitting the normal attack button quickly. They’re usually quick slapping or jabbing attacks.

Wario’s forward tilt, however, looks like a particular type of slap, like he’s slapping Snake on the bottom suggestively. The Metal Gear character is known for his physique, after all, and Wario kinda looks like a lecherous guy, so it does make sense. Wario fans won’t be able to unsee this disturbing but hilarious sight.

Wario and Waluigi speak to each other frankly in this meme from a now-deleted Redditor. Despite being rivals of Mario and Luigi, the two aren’t brothers and just friends and business partners.

Wario and Waluigi are both so nefarious that it’s hard to imagine them being friendly with each other. Their partnership is so long-lived and consistent, however, that the only conclusion is that they must be very close. This meme has Wario and Waluigi share their platonic feelings for each other in a meme that is as tender as it’s funny and it’s unexpectedly wholesome for a meme about two of Mario’s biggest bad guys.

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