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Supernatural: What Happened To Jesse & Why Did He Never Return?

Supernatural introduced Jesse Turner (Gattlin Griffith) back in season 5, but what became of the character and why did he never return? Supernatural featured a plethora of recurring and one-off background characters during its 15-year run, so it’s natural that some would be forgotten along the way. But Jesse’s storyline seemed to foreshadow something big being in store for him down the series’ pipeline — and yet, he only ever made the one appearance.

Jesse’s story occured in Supernatural season 5, episode 6, “I Believe the Children Are Our Future.” Although he looked just like any other human, Castiel revealed the child was actually the Antichrist — otherwise known as a Cambion, an entity conceived when a virginal mother is possessed by a demon — and had powers beyond their understanding that could bring about the end of the world. While Castiel was resolved to kill Jesse and prevent any evil the boy might commit in the future, the Winchesters believed his human half gave him the capacity for good. Instead of killing Jesse, they gave him the chance to disappear.

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After Jesse’s introduction in Supernatural season 5, he was indeed never seen again. Where the young half-demon, half-human character ended up is a complete mystery as far as Supernatural canon goes. The greatest running theory is that Jesse ended up in Australia. When he transported himself away at the end of his sole episode, he was looking at a poster adverstising the country. Castiel confirmed in the episode that Jesse had the capacity to pull off such a feat. In the production draft for Supernatural season 15, episode 13, “Destiny’s Child,” Dean suggests the alternative Winchesters travel to Australia, citing that it’s “far away, and nothing but beaches, babes… the anti-Christ.” The line was not included in the official episode, but it does help back up the theory.

Jesse left his home and his parents for a chance at a life of good, as well as to keep his adoptive parents safe. It’s likely the young boy took the Winchesters’ warning to heart, knowing that his powers made him a target for angels and demons alike, and stayed far out of trouble. The plotline that was seemingly destined for Jesse was later given to Jack Kline, the child of Lucifer and a human woman who carried the capacity to bring about the end of the world. Although Jack’s status as a Nephilim — the angelic counterpart to a Cambion — ultimately made him more powerful than Jesse, the two storylines do bear a striking resemblance.

Jesse wouldn’t be the first character or plotline to be seemingly left behind throughout the span of Supernatural. The most famous example was the Winchesters’ half-brother, Adam, who was left behind in the cage with Lucifer and Michael for years before the final season finally tied up loose ends. The upcoming Supernatural prequel, The Winchesters, has given Supernatural the chance to tie up some loose ends, but when it comes to Jesse, perhaps it is best that his story ending remains a happy life Down Under.

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