Spain: Muslims block Easter procession, attack police who try to get them to allow the procession to pass

Islamic law forbids non-Muslims to make public display of their religious festivals. These young Muslims likely believed that the Holy Week procession was wrong and offensive, and thus had to be stopped. The “most vile of created beings” (Qur’an 98:6) must not engage in behavior that “the best of people” (Qur’an 3:110) dislike.

“The Local Police arrest two violent individuals for trying to block a procession in El Vendrell, Tarragona,” translated from “La Policía Local detiene a dos violentos individuos por tratar de boicotear una procesión en El Vendrell, Tarragona,” by Pablo Infiesta, Antena 3, April 11, 2022 (thanks to Medforth):

It happened yesterday, Sunday, in El Vendrell (Tarragona), at the moment in which several individuals broke into a Holy Week procession, trying to prevent their passage and prevent it from being held. The Local Police have arrested two of them, North Africans, who are accused of public disorder.

The unpleasant event occurred after 7:00 p.m., at the moment in which a group of young people stood in Àngel Guimerà street, shortly before the Holy Week procession. Several neighbors were the ones who, realizing their presence and bad intentions, warned that their objective was to block the procession.

Those who were present asked for respect as the religious images passed by, but they ignored the requests and continued with their plan. Moreover, some of the individuals in the group came to confront those who asked for their respect.

That is why several patrols of the Local Police had to move to the place, who were received in a violent and hostile manner by the rioters. The altercation ended with two detainees, who ended up being accused of disturbing public order. The policemen who came to the scene were forced to call for reinforcements to stop the rioters who put up a strong resistance. The situation so outraged the residents who were waiting for the procession to pass that they finally congratulated the officers for their good intervention.

The detainees are accused of an alleged crime against law enforcement officials. An investigation has also been opened to try to identify the other members of the group that disturbed the order.

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