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Rune Factory 5: Should You Romance Ryker Or Martin | Screen Rant

Picking a character to romance in Rune Factory 5 can be a difficult decision thanks to a cast of well-developed NPCs. It is especially challenging when trying to pick between popular dateable options like Ryker and Martin. Both NPCs have strong morals and viewpoints that often clash, and they each possess different storylines that are heavily influenced by these personality traits.

Rune Factory 5 is a JRPG and farming game that integrates combat in the form of challenging dungeon puzzles. Players can spend their time casually exploring and building relationships with Rune Factory 5’s dateable characters, or farming both behind the Rigbarth Outpost and the numerous Farm Dragons befriended during the main narrative. The game also possesses a powerful story and flexible goals that can be done quickly to unlock new areas and characters, or slowly to make the most of the plot points as they unfold. While exploration, combat, and farming take up a good deal of time, dating eligible NPCs is also a major point of interest for many players.

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Many of the dateable NPCs have surprising different personalities and relationships with other characters living in Rigbarth. For example, Lucy and Priscilla are opposites, with Lucy embracing adventure while Priscilla is timid and nervous about places she doesn’t know. Despite this, the pair are best friends from the start of Rune Factory 5’s main story. However, other characters with clashing personality traits like Ryker and Martin have developed rivalries and romancing one can mean being at odds with the other. Because of this, players will want to think carefully before choosing who of the pair they may want to date.

Ryker is surprisingly removed from Rune Factory 5’s main story. Working under Palmo at the carpenter’s studio, Ryker is known for being aloof, lazy, and lacking in work ethic. At a glance, he may seem like a bland option for romance, until he is encountered on the streets of Rigbarth after dark. As players get to know Ryker and potentially consider him as a dateable bachelor in Rune Factory 5, they discover that he has a number of secrets, including a fairly dark past that ended in Palmo taking him in.

Ryker doesn’t see the appeal in dedicating large amounts of effort to everyday tasks like work and often sleeps late due to his late-night adventures. Because of this, hard-working blacksmith apprentice Martin feels he is lazy and unmotivated. The differences cause the pair to clash regularly, while Ryker also deals with criticism from older Rune Factory 5 characters living in the town. Despite this, choosing to romance Ryker gives the player a chance to learn about the benefits of taking it easy, as well as the opportunity to see where Ryker’s strengths as a character actually lie.

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Unlike Stardew Valley’s romance system, players have the ability to invite datable characters on adventures with them. By picking Ryker over Martin, they will gain a combat partner who prefers the use of dual blade weapons with quick and powerful attacks. If the player is wielding a longsword, ax, or hammer, the combination of Ryker’s speedy style can be a big asset when taking on numerous enemies in a small space. Ryker also offers witty and sarcastic dialogue, making him a good choice for players who prefer a less serious companion both in romance and casual conversation.

However, Rune Factory 5 players looking for a more serious romance option may want to consider Martin over Ryker. While unclear ages can make romance in Rune Factory 5 awkward, Martin offers a more mature and refined mentality that could appeal to those wanting to avoid the scattered antics of Cecil or the difficult conversations with Fuuka. Martin is a blacksmith apprentice that works at the True Strike Smithy. When players first meet Martin, he appears cold and disinterested in anything but his work, which is a direct contrast to Ryker. However, as players get to know him, his stony attitude is revealed to be an intense concentration on his work.

Martin often has a hard time taking breaks, sometimes forgoing sleep to work on his dream of being the world’s best blacksmith. His good opinion is given to those who have a dedicated mentality about their work, and he often looks down on those he considers to be slacking. He is a great romanceable character for Rune Factory 5 players who enjoy a serious and driven character with a more realistic approach to life. While he lacks the witty and clever dialogue of other characters like Rune Factory 5’s bachelorettes Lucy or Ludmilla – and he is definitely more serious than Ryker – he is a reliable and steady option for players to date.

Unlike Ryker’s preference for dual blades, Martin specializes in hammer-style fighting when teaming up with the Rune Factory 5 protagonist in combat. Hammers are slow, but deal powerful blows to enemies. Because of this, Martin can be a great choice for those getting ready to go up against bosses, or players using faster weapons like dual blades and shortswords. He can also offer sturdy encouragement via dialogue during combat, staying focused instead of opting for goofy or playful commentary.

While there are plenty of options for Rune Factory 5 players to pick from when looking to date an NPC, the choice between rival characters like Martin and Ryker is largely up to player preference. Those wanting a witty and mysterious romance with events that unravel a complex story may prefer Ryker, while players who enjoy the sturdy companionship of a driven and mature partner may like Martin. Thankfully, Rune Factory 5 allows players to spend time building relationships with each dateable character before proposing anything official and they can also date more than one character at a time. Because of this, there is plenty of time to get to know which character might be the best fit, and who may be the right match for post-game marriage adventures.

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