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Poppy Playtime Theory: Playtime Co. & Laithe Pierre Are The Real Villains

The Playtime Co. toy company and one of its co-founders, Laithe Pierre, are shrouded in mystery in Poppy Playtime, but they could be the real villains of the series. With Chapter 2’s rumored release date looming, Laithe and his partner, Elliot Ludwig, could be revealed as the overarching antagonists very soon. It’s far from a certainty; they could be revealed in a later game, and there are other candidates for the main villains, but the possibility is a fascinating one.

In Poppy Playtime, players control an ex-employee of the Playtime Co. toy factory, which now lies abandoned. Horrific human experimentation has turned the toys that it made into nightmarish monsters that serve as the main antagonists. Chapter 1 saw Huggy Wuggy chasing down players, and the Chapter 2 reveal trailer showcased Mommy Long Legs. A Daddy Long Legs in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is something that’s been making the rounds of the internet, but so far has not been canonized. What exactly brought them all to life is something that’s been teased but not fully explored, and could possibly be explained in Chapter 2.

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One of the bigger possibilities for who created the monster toys, and therefore is the overarching antagonist, is Laithe Pierre. He designed the benign versions of the monsters, and is one of the founders of Playtime Co., which makes him a prime suspect. There’s also some compelling evidence in some of the smaller details of the game, as well as possible motivations. The series is still in its early stages, so even if Laithe is the primary villain, others may come before him in order to build tension and expand lore. Another toy could also be worse than him, as Poppy Playtime‘s Mommy Long Legs and Huggy Wuggy could be just the beginning of the horrors that inhabit the factory.

There are a few pieces of evidence that Laithe Pierre is the main villain of the Poppy Playtime series. The biggest, and perhaps the most obvious and indirect at the same time, is the writing in the vents of the Playtime Co. toy factory. While running away from Huggy Wuggy, players may notice short phrases on the insides of the ventilation system, most of them seemingly written by Huggy. Some messages say “She’s On Their Side” and “Elliot.” Elliot most likely refers to Elliot Ludwig, the other co-founder of Playtime Co. “She” is likely Poppy, since there are also messages like “Don’t Let Her Out,” and freeing Poppy is the main goal of Chapter 1. Playing Poppy Playtime won’t reveal all the lore it has to offer, since a lot of it is still yet to come, but these messages carry certain implications. If Huggy wrote these messages to avoid Poppy getting out and helping its “side” then it’s a logical conclusion that it’s referring to the ones who performed the experiments that brought it to life, which when combined with “Elliot,” points to Ludwig and Pierre.

Another hint, if a smaller one, comes when the player watches the green VHS Tape in the lobby of Playtime Co. A recording of Laithe Pierre informs them of security measures around the factory, such as sensors that will alert police when activated. However, he also states that they are one of the more “tame” security measures. From his tone and wording, it can be inferred that he has full knowledge of Huggy Wuggy’s true nature, and is therefore at least somewhat involved in the human experiments that brought it to life.

If Laithe Pierre did spearhead the human experiments that turned Huggy Wuggy into Poppy Playtime‘s Experiment 1006, then he must have had a motive. This may also be found in the Playtime Co. factory on one of the posters scattered around the factory. One of them has a list of rules for the employees, and states “DO NOT Hide Behind Doors To Scare Laithe Pierre.” Since this happened frequently enough for it to be made into a sign, it can be assumed that the factory workers scared Laithe on a regular basis. In the Green VHS Tape, he comes off as a proud, boastful man, so such pride combined with his frequent teasing could have driven him to seek revenge by using the employees to create the monstrous toys that now reside in Playtime Co.

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The underlying reason behind the experiments, however, likely doesn’t just boil down to Laithe wanting revenge. There had to have been another reason for them, one beyond his vendetta. Poppy Playtime‘s Gray VHS Tape, which concerns Experiment 1006, implies that they were done for the simple advancement of science, but a deeper and more mysterious reason could better befit a horror game. Making more realistic toys seems to fit the themes that the first chapter has established; Poppy was designed to be hyper-realistic, bordering on sentience, and has been confirmed to be another experiment in the MOB Games Maintenance Tape released after Chapter 1.

If Laithe Pierre, and by extension his partner Elliot Ludwig and the Playtime Co. company, are the overarching antagonists of the series, then there are a few ways that MOB Games can utilize them. Depending on the purpose of the experiments, and what kind of new lore that Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 introduces, future games may show the two having turned themselves into toys after using their own bodies for a more successful version of the process that created Huggy Wuggy. The game is similar to Five Nights at Freddy’s, so it could also mimic William Afton and make Laithe and Elliot unseen antagonists for the majority of the series. It’s even possible that they died at some point before the start of Chapter 1, whether from one of the toys or another cause.

There’s also the distinct possibility that Laithe, Elliot, and Playtime Co. are not the main antagonists. It’s possible that they’re villains, but that there’s an even greater evil manipulating them or plotting against them. Huggy Wuggy’s messages in the vents imply that Poppy is working with them, but she could be using them for her own purposes. If Poppy is Poppy Playtime‘s real villain, then Laithe, Elliot, or both could be antagonists in Chapter 3, after Mommy Long Legs in Chapter 2, before Poppy is revealed as the overarching antagonist in Chapter 4 or an even farther entry. Poppy Playtime has a lot of possibilities for its final villain, and Laithe Pierre and Playtime Co. are just one of them.

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