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Peaky Blinders: 10 Best Quotes From Minor Characters

The Peaky Blinders series may be over, but fans can still look forward to a TV movie that will properly wrap up all the events left unresolved in the series finale. There is more to look forward to from Cillian Murphy too, as he is set to play the inventor of the atomic bomb, J. Robert Oppenheimer in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer.

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In the BBC series, Murphy’s character Tommy Shelby is responsible for many of the great quotes, and so are the rest of the main characters. However, the minor characters aren’t left behind either. Though these characters appear in select episodes or just in a single season, they come up with some memorable remarks.

After the death of actress Helen McCroy, fans wondered how the show would explain her character Polly Gray’s absence. It’s all done in the first episode of the final season where IRA member Laura McKee, aka Captain Swing, calls, Tommy to boast about killing Polly.

Captain Swing is right about Polly being Tommy’s crutches since she’s the only one that was able to keep Tommy in check. Everyone else either feared him or Tommy just didn’t respect them enough to listen to whatever they had to say. As the matriarch of the Shelby family, Polly had a big say in the affairs of the Peaky Blinders. Her death, therefore, leaves Tommy weaker.

While assigning Inspector Campbell the job of retrieving stolen government weapons, Winston Churchill—one of the few real-life Peaky Blinders characters—advises him to do things quietly or else the press will make a big deal out of it.

Through Churchill’s quote, it’s made clear that he is a proponent of the ends-justifies-means. Campbell can rack up his kill count as much as he has to so long as he gets the weapons. Churchill is also aware that in Ireland, where Campbell is from, the press is less aggressive. He thus remembers to remind him not to throw bodies everywhere.

Birmingham Boys boss Billy Kimber gets furious when Tommy fixes the horse races. In order to calm him down, the Blinders leader proposes a partnership, something Kimber finds amusing.

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Since his organization controls smaller gangs such as the Elephant and Castle Mob as well as the Houston Gang, Kimber gets the impression that he is the biggest crime boss in England. Unfortunately for him, being delusional ends up costing him. Tommy does indeed act like Kimber is above him only to outfox him later and defeat him in a street battle.

After his father and brother are killed by the Blinders, Changretta crime family boss, Luca Changretta shows up in Birmingham to get revenge. But first, he has a meeting with Tommy where he makes fun of his fashion sense.

Tommy is undoubtedly the best-dressed character on the show but trust Changretta to try and intimidate him by suggesting he still has a long way to go before becoming a fashion guru. Apart from making fun of his fashion choices, he also promises Tommy that non of the Blinders will survive, a threat that puts a stamp on his status as one of the best Peaky Blinders villains.

During one of their conversations, Jessie advises Tommy (who has gotten close to Churchill) to not get comfortable because, despite the amount of power and money he has amassed, the government doesn’t consider him a friend. They are only using him.

The union convener’s words are proven to be true later in the series when Tommy becomes the MP for Birmingham. Various influential individuals look down on him because he isn’t well educated like them. The realization that a commoner cum gangster rose all the way to such a powerful position bothers them.

As Esme and John try to figure out how they’ll get money, she suggests stealing from Arthur. John tells her that’s not necessary because Arthur already owes them a lot of money. Instead of stealing they can just ask for it. Esme agrees though she feels it’s a long and unnecessary process.

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Esme is never as violent as the rest of the characters on the show but she is no saint. She enjoys taking what’s not hers, especially when the person being stolen from is an outlaw. Here. she figures that they’ll waste so much time asking for money yet they can just take it. But since she loves John, she compromises and agrees to do things his way.

After a short affair with May—the proprietor of Carleton stud—Thomas visits her to confess that he is still in love with Grace. This doesn’t bother May at all, who requests him to put aside his romantic side and just live in the moment with her.

As one of the strongest women in Peaky Blinders, May knows how to get what she wants.  So long as he can be with her when she wants him to, she is all good. She adores the tougher version of Tommy that doesn’t care about consequences. Even after his confession, she still goes on to help him with the Epsom gaming licenses.

John is disappointed when he finds out Tommy is discussing business with Michael firsts. He, therefore, confronts him and accuses him of treating the rest of the Blinders as tools and toys.

John has a right to be furious at Tommy because, at that point, Michael is fairly new in the family. John, on the other hand, has been loyal since the very beginning. But as a leader, Tommy knows what everyone is good at, that’s why he doesn’t feel the need to discuss business with people like John.

A master manipulator, Gina tries to convince her husband Michael to take over the family from Tommy. She then suggests that killing him would be the best solution.

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Gina plays a big role in fuelling the feud between Michael and Tommy. It’s hinted that Michael and Tommy if Gina wasn’t present. On her part, it’s all due to ambition. She wants to enjoy being the wife of a major crime boss hence she does her best to put all kinds of thoughts into Michael’s head. Unfortunately, Michael later ends up dead.

Father Hughes isn’t as excited as he ought to be when Tommy informs him that he and Grace will start a children’s charity foundation. He figures Tommy is only doing it for PR purposes.

Though Hughes’ words are born out of his hatred for Tommy, they are full of sense. No amount of good deeds will make Tommy a saint because he will always be a gangster. But in spite of how the priest feels, Tommy is much closer to being a saint than him. During his few appearances, the member of The Economic League is depicted as extremely barbaric.

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