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My Hero Academia's Class 1-A Build a Giant All Might Mech in New Art

New promotional art for the HeroFes event shows the cast of My Hero Academia assembled in front of a giant mech bearing the semblance of the former No. 1 hero, All Might. The event is an annual festival used to promote the franchise, taking place in Tokyo.

My Hero Academia, created by Kohei Horikoshi, is one of the most successful mangas published in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in the past decade. The huge popularity of the franchise sparked HeroFes, which this year will feature an exclusive premiere screening of the first episode of the anime’s sixth season before it officially starts airing this fall, plus the appearance of 15 members of the series’ Japanese voice cast. The promotional art was released through the official Twitter account for the My Hero Academia anime series, and it shows the full roster of UA High’s Class 1-A, including the protagonist of the series, Izuku Midoriya (Deku), alongside their teachers and their pro hero mentors.

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Notably absent from the group is All Might, the former top hero in Japan and the man who made Midoriya a hero, gifting him his quirk, One for All, and acting as a mentor. All Might was previously injured before the start of the events in the manga during a battle with the ultimate villain of the series, All for One. In order to raise a proper successor, All Might enlisted himself as a teacher at U.A. High. After another battle with All for One where he had to burn all his power to put the villain (temporarily) behind bars, All Might retired from being the “symbol of peace” and focused on raising Midoriya and the next generation of heroes, preparing them for the final battle against All for One.

The giant mech with All Might’s face in the background could be just a nice homage to the character, or perhaps a hint of things to come in the manga. After All Might transferred his quirk to Midoriya in the beginning, he burned away all the “embers” left in his injured body during the fight with All for One. Now that the final battle between heroes and villains is underway, the former No. 1 hero is surely cursing his inability to help. Piloting a giant robot could be just the perfect way for All Might to have one final, epic battle and lend a hand to his pupils. It has already been shown that U.A. High has the personnel and the resources to build advanced technology on a grand scale.

My Hero Academia is still as popular as ever, despite the announcement by Horikoshi that 2022 will see the conclusion of the manga. Japanese fans are lucky to be able to attend HeroFes, which will take place on July 24 at Tokyo’s Musashino Forest Sport Plaza. Meanwhile, My Hero Academia readers can hope that the All Might giant mech will make an official appearance in the manga too.

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