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Warning! Spoilers for Moon Knights episodes 4 and 5 ahead!

Episode 4 of Disney+’s MCU series Moon Knight ends with Marc Spector in a psychiatric hospital that is riddled with references to previous episodes, seemingly suggesting that his life outside could be an elaborate delusion shaped by his surroundings. While Moon Knight episode 5 shows that this is probably not the case, the depiction of the hospital continues to be of importance as a visual representation of Marc’s worst memories and his distrust of his own mind. Consequently, the profuse and precise accuracy of all the callbacks – both subtle and obvious – in the hospital plays a crucial role in encouraging Marc to doubt himself, which therefore hinders him from his goal of preventing Ammit’s judgment in the real world.

The alters Marc Spector and Steven Grant (both played by Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight) discover in episode 5 that they have entered the Duat, the Egyptian realm of the dead, after being shot by Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke). In order to stop Harrow from resurrecting the god Ammit and wreaking havoc, Marc and Steven struggle to balance the wobbling scale that is weighing their hearts by revisiting and coming to terms with Marc’s most painful memories. The past and present as well as different perceptions of reality collide in Marc’s conception of the psychiatric hospital, which is littered with allusions to his and Steven’s former lives.

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Most of these references are found in either the recreation room or Arthur Harrow’s office at the supposed hospital. Both the rec room and the Doctor’s office contain a treasure trove of Moon Knight easter eggs that inherently challenge and reframe Marc and Steven’s perceptions of the past by taking their complicated components and rearranging them in a way that is easier to understand. Here are all the callbacks to previous episodes of Moon Knight that are referenced within the hospital.

One of the first things Marc sees when he finds himself in the hospital is an old man drawing bingo numbers from his hat. This is Crawley, a prominent character in the Moon Knight comics, who had previously been seen on the show in episode 1 as the living statue to whom Steven confides his anxieties. The hat Crawley uses to collect tips for his performance is the same one that he pulls bingo numbers from in the hospital.

In the hospital’s rec room, a man is seen fiddling with a Rubik’s Cube. This is a reference to a scene from Moon Knight episode 1, in which Steven restlessly tosses an unsolved Rubik’s Cube up and down in his efforts to stay awake.

One of the most obvious callbacks in the hospital is the tray of cupcakes being pushed around by an orderly. In comparison to the cupcake van Steven uses as a getaway car in Moon Knight episode 1, this presents a much more realistic context in which to find these baked goods.

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The electric blue stuffed scarab that Donna is holding in the hospital had previously been seen on display at the museum gift shop where she and Steven work in Moon Knight episode 1.

A woman in the hospital is drawing a hummingbird with the head of the Egyptian god Khonshu. This is of course a reference to Marc and Steven’s interactions with Khonshu, as their body is the god’s avatar. However, the drawing also echoes a scene in Moon Knight episode 2, “Summon The Suit,” in which a nature video of a hummingbird is being played in the background of Arthur Harrow’s compound.

Harrow’s compound is alluded to again by the artwork displayed on the hospital’s whiteboard, as the patterns that are drawn on the paper bear a distinct resemblance to the murals on the walls of the compound. Additionally, the pictures on the left are arranged similarly to the postcards Steven hangs next to the fish tank in his apartment.

Gus, Steven’s goldfish, makes a cameo at the hospital in a bowl with no water. He later appears again as a picture drawn by Marc’s brother in his childhood memories.

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Marc’s wife, Layla El-Faouly (played by May Calamawy on Moon Knight), also seems to be a patient at the psychiatric hospital in episode 4. Layla is eating the same sweets in the rec room as she was in the opening scene of Moon Knight episode 3 when she was having her fake passport created.

In episode 4, Layla is shown to have an injured left pinky finger. This blink-and-you-miss-it detail carries over to the hospital, where she is wearing a different bandage on which a red scarab has been drawn.

When Steven finds Ammit’s ushabti in Alexander the Great’s tomb in Moon Knight episode 4, he proudly holds it up to show Layla, shouting “we won!” At the hospital, Layla repeats the gesture and phrase – only this time it is with a bingo card rather than a powerful Egyptian artifact.

In the first few Moon Knight episodes, Steven chains himself to his bed with ankle restraints in the hopes of keeping himself in his apartment. At one point, he tries to stray further than the bounds of the restraints, causing him to trip and fall on his face. This also happens in the hospital, where Marc is tethered to a wheelchair.

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Dr. Harrow’s office in the hospital is a heavily remodeled and repurposed version of the attic in Arthur Harrow’s compound, which was shown in episode 2. Both rooms show off the same distinctive pillars and exceptionally large window and were likely filmed in the same location.

Harrow’s large and austere office is adorned by many Egyptian relics and artifacts similar to the ones seen previously on the show, both in the history museum and Alexander the Great’s tomb. Harrow has canopic jars, statues, and a pyramid paperweight, none of which would make sense for the office of any but the most esoteric real doctor.

Harrow’s office in Moon Knight episode 4 also has a painting on the wall that is distinctly at odds with the otherwise white and Egyptian-themed aesthetic, depicting the beautiful Alpine village where Steven found himself in episode 1.

The opening scene of Moon Knight features Arthur Harrow filling his woven shoes with crushed glass before wearing them. In the hospital, Marc spots Dr. Harrow sporting a similar kind of sandal.

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The powerful cane Arthur Harrow uses throughout the series is a noteworthy signature of the character. Dr. Harrow has a cane in his office as well, though it looks very different and appears to be completely ordinary.

The goddess Taweret welcomes Marc and Steven to the Duat in Moon Knight episode 5, but she was previously seen as a stuffed plushy in the museum’s inventory in Moon Knight episode 1. Steven even references her by name, correcting Donna when she refers to Taweret as a hippo.

One subtle Moon Knight episode 4 easter egg is the lighting in the hallways of the hospital; they are the same fixtures that are seen in Marc’s hotel room in Egypt.

Of course, the most blatant and deeply alarming callback at the hospital is the bizarre reappearance of characters from previous episodes, now depicted as patients or orderlies at the institution. In addition to Layla (Marc’s wife), Donna (Steven’s boss), Crawley (the living statue), and Dr. Harrow (servant of Ammit, Arthur Harrow), the other characters at the hospital that have been seen before are Billy (one of the supposed cops working for Harrow), Bobbi (Harrow’s other cop), and Bek (Anton Mogart’s bodyguard). Noticeably, the Moon Knight characters at the hospital who have posed a threat to Marc or Steven are all employees, while his friends and acquaintances are patients.

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