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Mike Johnson Reveals Why Tyler Cameron Turned Down Bachelor Offer

Mike Johnson of The Bachelor franchise is spilling why his friend and fellow contestant Tyler Cameron turned down the opportunity to be the lead. Bachelor Nation met Tyler and Mike on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, and both were fan favorites. Mike was a suave portfolio manager from Texas, and Tyler was the modelesque general contractor from Florida. Mike made it pretty far before being eliminated in week 7, but Tyler made it all the way until the end. Fans fell hard for Tyler’s impressive physique and even more attractive heart, as the man talked openly about his father’s illness and how that had changed their family dynamic.

In the end, Hannah chose Jed Wyatt over Tyler, and viewers were not happy about it. Fans were hopeful though, that considering how far Tyler made it he would be chosen to be the new Bachelor. So it was shocking when Pilot Peter Weber was announced as the lead instead. Tyler wasn’t too broken up about it though, as he ended up going on a date with Hannah, before getting into a relationship with supermodel Gigi Hadid. The pair only dated for a few months, but in that time Tyler solidified his staying power as a mainstream celebrity more than just a former Bachelorette contestant.

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While fans may have felt robbed initially, Tyler later opened up that he was offered the lead role but turned it down. Mike stopped by the She’s All Bach podcast and gave a little more insight on why, “Tyler didn’t want it. He was like, ‘I’m good bruh. I got more followers than any other Bachelor will get, I don’t need the money that you give me to be the Bachelor, I don’t want my life… to look like that.’” While fans would’ve loved to see Tyler lead a season of The Bachelor, most can understand he made the right choice. On the surface, The Bachelor is about finding love, but a huge draw for most contestants is popularity. Making a name and brand you can bounce off of once the show ends is many contestants’ ideal outcome, and Tyler already got that.

On Instagram, Tyler has the most followers out of every male on the franchise at 2.2 million. Tyler also ended his season as a fan favorite, and that lack of negativity has really played in his favor. As one fan put it, “Bachelor cycle is usually they love you as a contestant and then destroy you as a lead.” Pilot Peter, the man who was The Bachelor lead in Tyler’s place, started off as a fan favorite. But having more airtime showed his true colors, and fans didn’t like them. He put the women on his season in awful situations because he was unsure of himself, and that level of insecurity was undesirable and detrimental. When asked if Mike thought the producers wanted Tyler instead of Peter, he replied, “Absolutely, he’s Tyler.

Bachelor Nation probably wishes Tyler made a different choice if anything just to save them from watching Peter’s season, but in the end, the choice he made was right. He’s been able to have a stable career and transition out of contracting into influencing and appearing on different reality tv shows that have nothing to do with love. However, Bachelor Nation shouldn’t lose all hope, as Tyler is currently single, and the door for him to be The Bachelor lead is always open.

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Source: She’s All Bach/Podcast, bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

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