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Marvel's Avengers Offers Free Ms. Marvel Skin For Eid al-Fitr

In recognition of the upcoming Islamic holiday Eid al-Fitr, Marvel’s Avengers is giving away a free galaxy-themed skin for Ms. Marvel. This young hero is just one of many playable characters who receives regular new outfits through updates and marketplace refreshes, and was even included in a recent Marvel’s Avengers skin leak.

Marvel’s Avengers has endured plenty of criticism from the gaming community since its 2020 launch, but the game continues to push ahead with new patches and content drops. Some of the more notable updates have come in the form of the Black Panther and PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man expansions, but most of Marvel’s Avengers‘ new content seems to come in the form of cosmetics. Just this year, Marvel’s Avengers has added new outfits for characters like Thor, Hawkeye, and Hulk, many of which are comic-accurate and sure to please fans of these characters. While many of these outfits are available through the in-game store via microtransactions, others can be earned through gameplay and some are simply given to the player immediately. There are also instances like the MCU Iron Man outfit, which was made free after previously being available for purchase.

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A new Ms. Marvel outfit can be added to the list of free Marvel’s Avengers outfits, as a new, flashy look for the character has just been unveiled by the Marvel’s Avengers Twitter account. The skin, which is called the Ms. Marvel’s Cosmos Outfit, boasts a decidedly galactic look, shining with shades of blue and purple. As is to be expected, much of Ms. Marvel’s signature style has been maintained with this look, included her lightning-bolt emblem, domino mask, and bracers.

Marvel’s Avengers, like many other live-service titles, has been heavily criticized for its implementation of microtransactions. Many of these criticisms are valid, and any game with extensive in-game purchases should be scrutinized, but free updates like this one might help quell these concerns, if only slightly.

With that said, many players are still hoping for more substantial updates to things like movement mechanics in Marvel’s Avengers, so these free cosmetics, however regular, might not be enough to satisfy the game’s dwindling player base. Those looking to get into Marvel’s Avengers have future expansions, including the arrival of Jane Foster’s Thor, to look forward to, but the game’s slow-drip of new content might disappoint both long-time and new players. Whatever the future has in store for Marvel’s Avengers, however, fans can at least enjoy this artfully crafted free Ms. Marvel outfit.

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Source: Marvel’s Avengers/Twitter

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