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Martha Wayne's Joker Returns in DC's New Flashpoint Universe

Warning: Spoilers for Flashpoint Beyond #0!

The Flashpoint Universe has newly returned to DC Comics, and with it, so has Martha Wayne‘s tragic version of the Joker! Granted, this isn’t Martha Wayne coming back from the dead in some weird comic book twist (at least not yet), but instead is a development that could turn into something far worse for her husband, Thomas Wayne, in the long run.

Briefly seen in Flashpoint Beyond #0, by Geoff Johns and Eduardo Risso, Martha Wayne’s return is an intriguing way to kick off a highly anticipated series that promises to explore an alternate reality DC fans have long considered dead. Arriving back in the Flashpoint Universe after being zapped by Darkseid’s signature Omega Beams during a stint with the multiversal team known as the Justice League Incarnate, Thomas Wayne aka Flashpoint Batman, can’t seem to wrap his head around how nothing has changed in his ex-reality despite knowing Barry Allen aka The Flash successfully fixed the timeline.

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Thought to have been destroyed after the events of 2011’s continuity-altering event titled Flashpoint, Thomas Wayne finding his way back to this erased reality immediately gives fans something to ponder over as the question of how this world is still alive and kicking will need answers sooner rather than later. And as Thomas visits the grave of his son, Bruce, and his wife, Martha aka Flashpoint Joker, to try and reconcile what is happening in his mind, Thomas is visited by the last person he expects to see.

Standing at his family’s gravestones, Thomas mulls over the fact that this isn’t a trick — that he is back in his original universe. And as he thinks on it, readers are shown a familiar purple gloved hand reaching for Thomas’ shoulder, a cold “Ha” accompanying its creep. Greeting readers with a sadistic smile, a surprise character who has not appeared in years makes her presence known, and it’s none other than Martha Wayne’s Joker! Or so we think. Saying, “You thought you saved our son? No, Thomas. It was a dream, that’s all. A wonderful little dream,” it’s made abundantly clear that this isn’t the original Flashpoint Joker fans are seeing but a figment of Thomas’ fraying imagination come back to haunt him where it hurts.

Having committed suicide after finding out Bruce becomes Batman in a reality where he had survived that fateful night in Crime Alley, Martha’s death is one that hit Thomas hard, as it’s something he understandably can’t get out of his head considering he’s now seeing her in his waking hours. What’s worse, Thomas has been doing what he can to redeem himself for his actions as Flashpoint Batman, so having a ghost of his scarred past return to potentially throw a wrench into his mental health problems and already spotty understanding of his Flashpoint Beyond predicament risks Thomas reverting to his old misguided ways while being egged on by a dead lover who isn’t exactly helping matters.

So while it remains to be seen how Martha Wayne latest turn as Joker will continue to harass Thomas as Flashpoint Beyond continues, the idea that she could be waiting in the wings of his mind to bother Thomas at any moment is a significant one. Martha Wayne’s version of the Bat-villain known as the Joker may technically still be dead, but in this Flashpoint Universe, anything is possible, so fans should stay tuned for the next issue of Flashpoint Beyond hitting shops soon.

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Flashpoint Beyond #0 is available now from DC Comics.

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