Lawyer tasks electorates to vote competence, shun selfish politicians

An Ilorin-based legal practitioner, Wahab Bello, has advised electorates in the forthcoming 2023 general elections to vote for competence, and shun desperate and selfish politicians.

Mr Bello gave the advice in Ilorin on Saturday, stating that “The public must consider merit in the choice of their candidate above other factors”.

He said the masses must stop considering sugar-coated politicians and look beyond sweet talks in selecting their representatives.

“Stop voting for a candidate because he shares money; vote for a candidate who has the masses at heart. You need a competent and trustworthy person to represent you.

“Political parties will come and market their products but it is left for you to decide with your thumb.

“Vote for the candidates who will have sympathy for you, your vote is your strength; forget sweet talks and weigh the options before you rush to vote,” he said.

The lawyer called on political parties to stop imposing highest bidders on the public for their selfish interest.

He advised the public to open their eyes and stop being deceived by politicians in order to see better times.


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