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Here’s the canceled sequel Jaws: Rising explained. The first three Jaws movies were hugely successful for Universal, and following the high-profile failure of Howard The Duck, it was decided to rush another entry into production. It was felt that Jaws: The Revenge would be a guaranteed hit, but a rushed production schedule meant the filmmakers behind the fourth movie had less than a year to write, shoot and edit it for release in summer of 1987. The resulting product turned out to be a mess that was panned by critics and is commonly considered one of the worst sequels of all time.

Surprisingly, despite the failure of Jaws: The Revenge – which has two different endings – the studio has yet to produce a new entry in the series. Outside of the popular Jaws ride at Universal Studios Florida – which ran from 1990 to 2012 – and a video game titled Jaws: Unleashed, the series has been largely dormant. Occasionally, reports of a potential sequel or remake surface, but it’s said that Steven Spielberg himself tends to shut these projects down before they get too far. That’s largely hearsay, however, but it remains odd that the studio has opted to sit on such an enduring property.

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One of the most concrete rumblings of a new sequel arrived in 2007, with various outlets reporting that a direct to DVD Jaws sequel was in development. Dubbed Jaws: Rising, the sequel was said to have been written by John Lansing (Walker, Texas Ranger) with revisions by future Fast & Furious series scribe Chris Morgan. There were also conflicting reports about what the story would be, with some stating Jaws: Rising would ignore the third and fourth movies and bring back Roy Scheider as Chief Brody to fight a CGI shark. Others like Filmrot (via Rotten Tomatoes) summarised the story as focusing on “marine biologist Mike Brody who must contend with a man-eating shark while visiting the old Amity Island homestead with his wife and teenage daughter.”

Reports of Jaws: Rising died almost as swiftly as they emerged, with filmmaker and Jaws superfan Kevin Smith (via /Film) revealing he had emailed someone at Universal who personally debunked the report. Little has been heard about this supposed STV sequel since, though given the popularity of DVD during this era and Universal itself making many follow-ups like the Tremors franchise, it feels like at least the possibility of a Jaws movie sequel was explored.

Given the reception that greeted both Jaws 3D and The Revenge, a direct to DVD Jaws: Rising wouldn’t have been the ideal way to bring back such an iconic series. Given the proliferation of STV shark movies like the Deep Blue Sea sequels mixed with occasional high-profile outings like The Meg, audiences have other options for their shark movie needs. Had Jaws: Rising happened, it likely would have just been a disappointment to fans wanting to return to Amity Island.

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