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GTA 5's Michael Actor Ned Luke Dons Cluckin' Bell Cosplay Outfit

Ned Luke, best known for his role as Grand Theft Auto 5‘s Michael De Santa, shared a hilarious video on Twitter while showing off his new outfit. GTA 5 is an iconic video game, even nine years later. The characters and storyline drew fans in as they took over the lives of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin and explored the streets of Los Santos. The DLC and updates have not slowed down over the last nine years. Franklin recently made his return in an online expansion called The Contract and Luke’s tweet has sparked a debate about Michael’s possible return.

Throughout the story, players can switch back and forth between the three main characters, each one of them being completely different than the other but all still sharing a common goal. Michael deals with his criminal past throughout the game and in the end, steps back from his life of crime. This is likely the main reason that he has not returned to any of the content on GTA Online, but he was mentioned by Franklin in the recent expansion. Though the debate of which of the three GTA 5 protagonists was the best in the game is still ongoing, Michael was the heart of the game and drove the story forward so it is no surprise fans want to see him return.

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Twitter user and the voice of Michael himself, Ned Luke, shared a video of himself dressed up in a Cluckin’ Bell uniform. In the video, Luke turns to the camera and says “This was not my idea of a successful retirement. Welcome to Cluckin’ f*** Bell.” He also tagged another Twitter user whose only Tweet is a picture of a Cluckin’ Bell employee. Regardless of the connections, this might be an unofficial announcement that Michael will return to the games, but with GTA 6 in the works, it is unlikely to say that Rockstar will continue making content for GTA 5.

Cluckin’ Bell is a staple fast food restaurant in the world of Grand Theft Auto and has been present in the games since San Andreas. Unfortunately in GTA 5 the restaurants were no longer accessible and players couldn’t order a “Cluckin’ Huge Meal” to regain health, but they were still present in the world. If this tease means that Michael is actually working as a Cluckin’ Bell employee there might be an option that allows players to go inside the restaurant once more. This Tweet might just be the actor having fun while cosplaying, but fans in the comments are speculating and hoping for more meaning than that.

This is not the first time that Luke has commented something cryptic about the games. For Grand Theft Auto 5’s eighth anniversary, Luke tweeted about trusting the process and no other context behind it. If there is more to come for Michael’s character, Grand Theft Auto 5 fans will definitely be ready for the character’s next adventures.

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Source: Ned Luke/Twitter

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