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Green Lantern's Old Nickname Is Far Too Inappropriate For The Movies

The Green Lantern is one of the most heralded heroes in DC Comics, with Hal Jordan having many different nicknames during his more than 60-year existence. However, in one of his earliest Silver Age appearances, Jordan’s Green Lantern was given an unexpected nickname that is far too inappropriate to ever appear in the DCEU, as he’s referred to as the “aroused crusader.” Yes, he was really referred to under the hilarious name.

Hal Jordan is the second Green Lantern to get his own solo series in pages of DC Comics, following in the footsteps of the Golden Age hero, Alan Scott. First debuting in Showcase #22 by Gil Kane and John Broome, Jordan’s Green Lantern quickly became a popular character, as the Power Ring wielding member of the Green Lantern Corps would become a founding member of the Justice League. While there have been many Green Lanterns since Jordan, as the universe surrounding the Corps has expanded significantly since his debut, Hal is often the first hero that comes to readers’ minds when thinking about the role in the DC Universe.

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In Green Lantern #11 from DC Comics by John Broome, Gil Kane, Joe Giella, Gaspar Saladino, and Julius Schwartz, one of the main stories features Hal Jordan losing his Green Lantern ring, forcing the hero to act without it. Forced into action after catching a group of burglars robbing a safe, Hal Jordan goes after them in costume. He lands a punch on one of the robbers, surprising their accomplice, who is confused he’s not using his constructs. When Hal punches the bad guy, Hilariously, the text gives him the nickname the “aroused crusader.”

While Green Lantern is referred to as Emerald Gladiator earlier in the issue, which is a much more fitting nickname, the “aroused crusader” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Referring to a hero as “aroused” might be of its time. Still, it seems far too inappropriate to ever use again, especially in a modern context, as it has a double meaning that DC Comics would probably like to avoid.

Thankfully, DC Comics didn’t stick with calling the Green Lantern the “aroused crusader.” The nickname for Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern might not have had the same meaning when the publisher printed it six decades ago, but it’s hard to read it without laughing now. Ultimately, the “aroused crusader” was a one-and-done nickname, as it’s possible DC even realized back then it probably shouldn’t have been printed. Regardless, the Emerald Knight/Gladiator has a much better ring to it as Green Lantern’s most famous nickname.

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