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Green Arrow's Death Confirms He's A God-Tier Superhero

Warning! Spoilers for Justice League #75 by DC Comics

The Death of the Justice League just obliterated the DC Comics superteam, but Green Arrow proved that he belongs alongside the god-tier heroes in defeat. In Justice League #75, Green Arrow manages to disrupt Pariah’s attempt at unleashing the Great Darkness as he shoots an arrow that destroys the villain’s Antimatter Chamber before he’s killed himself. Without Green Arrow’s expert shot, there’s a good chance the DC Universe would be taken over or engulfed by the Great Darkness and his Dark Army.

Green Arrow has always been on the receiving end of jokes from his fellow DC Comics superheroes, as the archer doesn’t have any superpowers or isn’t a god like some of his fellow members. So, while Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman get most of the credit as the most important heroes in the Justice League, Green Arrow is often sidelined as a sharpshooting, wise-cracking hero. His role has become more about providing comic relief than being an impactful member in the team’s biggest battles. However, in Death of the Justice League, Green Arrow proves his haters wrong, as he lands one of the most important shots of his life before being killed by a major DC Comics villain.

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In Justice League #75 from DC Comics by Josh Williamson, Rafa Sandoval, Jordie Tarragona, Matt Herms, and Josh Reed, Green Arrow is one of the many heroes who take on Pariah and his Dark Army on the surface of a dead Multiverse. However, Green Arrow wasn’t supposed to be a part of the fight, as he only made his way into the battle after holding onto Black Canary when the Justice League Incarnate teleported her. After learning Pariah is charging an Antimatter Chamber to unleash the full force of the Great Darkness, Green Arrow manages to shoot a perfect shot as the Justice League fights the Dark Army, which blows up the device.

However, after weakening Pariah’s forces, Green Arrow is killed as Doomsday, influenced by the Great Darkness, smashes the hero against the ground. Oliver Queen’s dies as Black Canary holds him one last time, as he tells her he followed her into the Justice League’s battle because “I’ll always follow you… pretty bird.” It’s a heartbreaking death for the hero.

The Great Darkness might have killed Green Arrow in the fight, but for doubters who thought the non-powered hero didn’t belong alongside the likes of Gods and other superpowered individuals, he proves otherwise with his universe-saving shot. Without Oliver taking out Pariah’s Antimatter Chamber, there’s no telling how much death and destruction the villain could have unleashed via the Great Darkness. Queen dies before his fellow heroes, who all fall in a single energy blast to Pariah.

In the end, Green Arrow makes the ultimate sacrifice alongside his fellow Justice League heroes, despite Pariah and his Dark Army proving to be too much for them to withstand. It’s safe to assume things would be much worse for the surviving heroes if Green Arrow didn’t sneak his way into the battle. Ultimately, Green Arrow proved he belongs alongside the Justice League and still is one of the greatest heroes in the DC Universe – even without superpowers. The Death of the Justice League in Justice League #75 is in comic book stores now.

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