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Glee: The Main Characters & Their Most Underrated Song

Glee covered over 700 hundred songs during its 6-season run. Many, like “Don’t Stop Believin”,” “Teenage Dream,” and “Loser Like Me,” for example, became instant hits with critics and fans, climbing to the top of the charts and cementing the show as television’s biggest sensation.

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However, other covers failed to receive the same level of attention, particularly during the later seasons when the show was no longer as popular. It’s a shame because these songs, performed by the show’s main characters, showcase some of the actors’ best vocal work and deserve reappraisal from the fandom.

Since his debut in season 2, Blaine dominated the male solo portion of Glee. Even after he left the Warblers, Blaine kept singing one solo after another, often at the expense of other male characters. Still, his voice was too good to deny, and “Something’s Coming” is the perfect outlet for it.

One of Tony’s crucial songs in West Side Story, “Something’s Coming,” is a spirited and hopeful song that requires considerable energy to truly shine. Blaine’s energetic performance is a standout from season 3, and while most fans often think of his Warbler numbers first, “Something’s Coming” definitely deserves more attention.

Brittany doesn’t have the best voice in Glee. Her talents lie on the dancing side; indeed, no other character could even compare in the dance department. Still, Britt’s voice worked in energetic pop songs, usually accompanied by elaborate choreographies.

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“Dancing On My Own” is an anomaly in Brittany’s solo list. Robyn’s anthem to heartbreak suits Britt’s voice nicely, but it’s not the song anyone would’ve expected from her. Perhaps that explains why the show ultimately cut it from its intended episode, season4’s “Diva.” However, the official version is available on YouTube and features some of Britt’s best vocals.

The notoriously savage Santana was one of Glee‘s best characters. Witty, hilarious, and shameless, Santana was also one of the show’s best vocalists, with a unique voice ideal for several genres, including pop, blues, jazz, and even musical theater.

Still, hearing her sing Funny Girl‘s showstopper “Don’t Rain on My Parade” was a surprise for everyone. The song was Rachel’s most iconic, so it was shocking to hear it in Santana’s voice. However, Ms. Lopez knocked it out of the park with an updated pop arrangement capable of standing on its own.

Glee‘s original mean girl, Quinn Fabray, had the softest voice in the show. Sweet and whisper-like, Quinn would’ve excelled at singing a Lana del Rey or Selena Gomez song. She didn’t have the most versatile voice, but Quinn’s singing was still greatly appreciated.

Unlike other characters, Quinn didn’t have many solos. However, her rendition of The Supremes’ “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” was surprisingly good. Quinn had some tough shoes to fill, considering the iconic Diana Ross sang the original, but her cover brought new life to a timeless classic.

Poor Tina got the short end of the Glee writing stick. Despite being one of the New Directions’ original members, Tina never received the same attention that other characters got. She spent most of her time in the background, and the show even made a running gag out of her lack of importance.

However, Tina had a brilliant voice. Glee hardly ever showcased it, but when it did, her talent was undeniable. The perfect example is her cover of Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers,” sung in the season 2 episode “A Night of Neglect.” Unfortunately, the episode is one of the show’s worst, so her faithful rendition of the song got lost in the sea of Glee covers.

Artie’s season 1 storyline focuses on him coming to terms with the impossibility of his dancing dreams. His most iconic scene in Glee is a dream sequence of him doing an elaborate dance routine to the song “Safety Dance.” Poetically, his most underrated solo, “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” features him effectively giving up on his dream.

The performance is heartbreaking as Artie watches his girlfriend doing the dance routine he’ll never be able to do. Artie’s story showcased all the strongest aspects of early Glee, delivering a heartfelt look into teenage life mixed with timeless music. Artie’s jazzy voice does the song justice, and Kevin McHale’s performance drives it home.

Most fans agree that Mercedes was the New Directions’ most gifted vocalist, more so than the de-facto lead, Rachel Berry. Mercedes’ voice was powerful, capable of stopping the entire show and elevating every song. Her passionate rendition of “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” will go down in history as one of the most iconic moments in teen TV.

Mercedes delivered bop after bop, many of them slipping through the cracks. However, none is better than her incredible rendition of the classic “Tru a Little Tenderness.” The combination of Mercedes’ voice and the excellent arrangement will bring chills down the spine of anyone who listens.

Kurt had a knack for showtunes. The most flamboyant member of the New Directions had an ideal voice for staples like “Some People” or “For Good” and enjoyed belting them out in the choir room. Still, his most memorable solos weren’t showtunes, but rather new arrangements of classic songs.

When he returns to McKinley after his stint with the Warblers, Kurt sings a heartfelt rendition of the Sunset Boulevard showstopper “As If We Never Said Goodbye.” His interpretation successfully captures the song’s melancholy, adding another worthy cover of the timeless melody.

As the male lead of the Glee Club, Finn had several solos. His voice was perfect for classic rock tunes like “Can’t Fight This Feeling” or “Hello, I Love You.” Indeed, his most iconic song, “I’ll Stand By You,” is the perfect example of how well his voice fits 80s power ballads.

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Still, one of Finn’s best and most inspired solos doesn’t get much attention. Sung in season 1’s “Laryngitis,” “Jessie’s Girl” is one of the character’s best solos. Hopeful and full of energy, “Jessie’s Girl” perfectly captures a teenage boy’s love confession, and Finn’s boyish charm sells the whole thing.

Rachel Berry is one of the most divisive figures in Glee. One of the most competitive characters in television, Rachel was the undisputed star of the New Directions, with a voice perfect for musical theater and power ballads. Her iconic solos, “Don’t Rain on My Parade” and “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now,” are proof enough.

Still, Rachel’s voice was more versatile than anyone imagined. Her haunting rendition of Alanis Morissette’s “Uninvited” was a surprise for fans who didn’t expect her to sing a rock anthem. However, hardly anyone can deny how great a job she did, thanks to her raw and powerful vocals.

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