France: Muslim inmates beat prisoners for not obeying Ramadan, ‘Some no longer eat pork because they’re pressured’

Then French authorities assume that these men will come out of prison and become loyal, productive members of French secular society.

“Prison of Perpignan. Detainee beaten for failing to observe Ramadan,” translated from “Prison de Perpignan. Un détenu passé à tabac pour ne pas avoir respecté le ramadan,” by Emilien Vicens, Actu, April 4, 2022:

Particularly turbulent weekend at Perpignan prison, where several scuffles broke out. The Ufap Unsa Justice union continues to denounce record prison overcrowding.

Among the most overcrowded prisons in France, the Perpignan remand center has been recording an upsurge in violence and miscellaneous events for several months. This weekend, the tension has gone up a notch again, as a result of prison overcrowding that has become unsustainable, assures Pierre Grousset, local secretary of the Ufap Unsa Justice union.

In the space of two days, four detainees were remanded to the disciplinary unit for refusing to return to their cell. All while uttering insults and death threats to a supervisor of the MAF (Women’s Remand Center) sector.

On Saturday, several consecutive scuffles broke out. The first in the common showers on the third floor of the remand center. A detainee was injured in the cheek requiring the intervention of the doctor to stitch it up.

A few hours later, a second fight broke out in the visiting room waiting room. Conclusion: a wound in the mouth and a concussion. One inmate had to be evacuated to the hospital. He claims to have been beaten by another detainee, who accused him of not having observed Ramadan. “It is a daily reality. Some no longer eat pork because they are pressured,” emphasizes Pierre Grousset.

A third scuffle also took place in the process, within the courtyard, causing several forehead wounds and multiple bruises in other detainees….

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