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Fantastic Beasts: 3 Main Characters, Ranked By Likability

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

The Fantastic Beasts has returned with another installment in the series, Secrets of Dumbledore. As the title suggests, this film puts a lot of focus on Dumbledore’s history, answering questions fans have had since the Harry Potter series was completed. It also sees the introduction of Aberforth Dumbledore, Albus’ brother, and reveals a few of his secrets as well.

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The Dumbledores aren’t the only important characters in this series, however, and much of the old gang has returned to help Dumbledore succeed in keeping Grindelwald from gaining too much power. In addition to favorites like Newt and Queenie, a new character, Lally Hicks, is introduced. Together, these characters work together to achieve their goals, but some stand out to audiences as more, or less, likable.

Credence was introduced as a sympathetic character in the first Fantastic Beasts movies. Unfortunately, he falls prey to a variety of manipulations from opposing forces and finds himself in a place of emotional turmoil.

In The Crimes of Grindelwald, Credence is revealed to be a member of the Dumbledore family, which solidifies his choice to seek vengeance and join Grindelwald’s side. In Secrets of Dumbledore, he finds out that not everything is as it seems, and continues to live in confusion. Credence isn’t unlikeable, but his chaotic personality makes audiences feel more pitty towards him than affection.

Yusuf is introduced in Crimes of Grindelwald as a minor antagonist. His only goal is to uphold his unbreakable vow to his father to kill the child of his mother’s abductor. However, he ultimately finds out that the child has already been killed, and after the self-sacrifice of his half-sister, Leta, he decides to join the forces of good.

Yusuf is a difficult character to love, simply because he is so shrouded in mystery. For most of Secrets of Dumbledore, audiences are unsure if Yusuf has flipped sides. While he is revealed to have always been on Dumbledore’s side, he plays his role as a double agent so well that he is difficult to trust.

Bunty is the loyal assistant to Newt Scamander. She is nearly as enthusiastic about magical creatures in the Fantastic Beasts series as he is, and while she can come across as meek and awkward, she is surprisingly capable and brave.

Her part in the films leading up to The Secrets of Dumbledore had been small, but she proved herself in this film to be more important than she appeared. She may not stand out in a crowd, but this is exactly the quality that Dumbledore took advantage of when he gave her her role in the plot. However, with so many other characters with much more defining traits, it’s hard for her to stand out as a favorite in audiences’ minds.

Theseus is Newt’s brother, and extremely different in almost every way. While he has nearly as good a heart, he is social, ambitious, and the perfect picture of what a wizard should be. He adheres more to the status quo than his brother but is also willing to break the rules if it means taking care of someone he cares about.

Compared to his brother, Theseus can come across as just a little too normal to audiences. He is strong, admirable, and full of many other positive qualities, but his occasional lack of understanding of his brother’s ways can sometimes rub audiences the wrong way. He’s still one of the best characters in Fantastic Beasts, but maybe not the most liked.

Dumbledore is an extremely important character across the entire Wizarding World franchise. He is one of the most powerful wizards in history, and his quirky wisdom in his old age has resulted in some of the most quotable moments in Harry Potter.

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Part of what makes him such a good character is that he is very complicated. His genius has resulted in him facing many difficult decisions, some of which had catastrophic results. While he is good in his heart, he is known to choose the difficult path for the greater good as opposed to the “nice” path that keeps everyone safe and happy. As a result, fans have very mixed feelings about how likable he is as a character.

Queenie is a very sympathetic character. She often suffers as a result of her talent as a legilimens, which can cause her to feel that she has very little control over herself and her life. Because of this, she made some questionable choices in order to gain more control, such as joining Grindelwald’s side.

She quickly regretted her decision and made great efforts from within to help her friends. Audiences know that she was only doing what she thought she needed to do, so it is difficult to hold these actions against her. However, they still might place her below other characters when it comes to her likability.

Aberforth’s inclusion in this movie was an unexpected connection to the Harry Potter series, where audiences were first introduced to his character. He is not gifted like Albus and is far rougher around the edges. He is also very pessimistic and prone to hurl insults at anyone that vaguely annoys him.

Fantastic Beasts stayed true to his character, but under the context of this film, his mannerisms make him sympathetic and likable. His contrast with his brother makes him an interesting character, and the combination of his tough exterior and his heart of gold plays well with audiences. For this reason, Aberforth was difficult not to like.

Lally is brand new to the Wizarding World franchise and quickly proved herself to be an interesting and capable witch. She is an American charms teacher with an alluring mid-Atlantic accent, who is introduced to audiences in a funny scene where she pretends to need rescuing in an attempt to get Jacob’s attention.

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Lally became truly likable, however, in a scene where she has been tasked to take Jacob to a political dinner party to prevent an assassination attempt. She proves that she is able to go with the flow, and ultimately orchestrates a genius and exciting show with Jacob and his fake wand.

Newt has been a purely lovable character since audiences first met him in the first Fantastic Beasts movie. He is quiet and introverted, preferring the company of his many unique magical creatures over that of other humans. While he struggles to interact in social situations, audiences can often see that he creates strong connections with those he eventually becomes close to.

In a lot of ways, Newt has changed since the first movie, but his lovable qualities still remain. What fans really seem to like about Newt is that he is wonderfully weird. Between his shyness, goodness, and very genuine heroism, there is very little not to like.

Jacob is a muggle who happened to get tangled up with Newt, Dumbledore, and the gang. No matter how often he tries to retire to a normal life, he always ends up back in the mix of wizards. By the events of Secrets of Dumbledore, he is simply resigned to roll with the punches.

Jacob often provides comic relief for the Fantastic Beasts series. His reactions to the extraordinary events that go on around him, and the casual way that he attempts to respond keeps the audience laughing, but there is so much more to Jacob that makes him the most likable character of the series. He is loyal, brave, and unendingly kind, which made his happy ending at the end of Secrets of Dumbledore everything audiences could have hoped for him.

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