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Every Trans Character In DC (& How Likely They Are To Join The DCEU)

Over the years, the comic book industry has embraced the LGBTQ+ community with open arms. More recently, the transgender community has seen an upsurge in representation. DC has introduced several trans characters have been introduced while others have been reinvented to be transgender.

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With comic book movies still in a Golden Age, studios are also embracing these communities in the films; with some transgender characters likely to be introduced into the DCEU movies and shows. Meanwhile, others are less likely, even though fans would like to see them. For this list, the character must actually be labeled as transgender so shapeshifters who can turn into anybody won’t count.

Though it is nice to see DC representing transwomen, this is not a good example of it. Suzie Su is depicted as a vulgar gangster who is unhealthily obese with the artists often making her look unpleasing to the eyes. Sadly, this is more than likely to make any transgender readers feel dysphoria hence why the character was not received well.

It is appreciated that she is not some flawless glamorous supermodel after her transition, it still is a demonizing depiction of a transwoman just because of how cruel and hideous on the inside and out she is. Unless the DCEU decides to make a more respectful depiction of her, it is not likely she will be adapted.

Danny is a living, sentient street that can teleport and appear anywhere from the middle of a desert to connecting himself to any town or city. Danny can also form anything on him from new buildings, signs, etc. And yes, he is transgender according to Tim Drake AKA Red Robin.

Danny has already had a recurring role on the HBO Max Doom Patrol series and that’s likely where he’ll stay. Even though the DCEU is not exactly grounded in reality, a sentient street would not really fit the style of that universe, even if they introduced a Doom Patrol.

Wanda Mann was born a male but in her teens, she rediscovered herself as Wanda which sadly led to her falling out with her parents. Wanda is a realistic and lovely portrayal of a transwoman, especially with what happened between her and her parents. As much as writers may want to push the idea that all parents will accept someone for who they truly are, that is not the case.

Wanda’s parents tell everyone that their son died and stopped speaking to Wanda. It would be nice to see Wanda in the DCEU but unfortunately, she is a Neil Gaiman’s Sandman character. She could appear in the Netflix series but that series is likely to remain disconnected from anything DCEU.

One of the first transgender characters in comic book history. Kate Godwin’s history is not heavily expanded upon but it is confirmed that she was born as Clark Godwin before her rediscovery. She became a prostitute until she slept with an alien/human hybrid that gave her powers.

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She can turn liquids to solids and solids into liquids which earned her a spot in the Doom Patrol. She was created and written by a transgender author: Rachel Pollack. As a result, she properly represents the community within the DC world but unless the DCEU introduced their own version of the Doom Patrol, Coagula will likely be reserved for the HBO Max series.

Burke and his two brothers were once criminals until Burke was killed. Thanks to his brother Adam, Burke was resurrected but in the body of a friend of John Constantine’s: Margaret Ames. Spending time in this made Burke happier, even revealing that he always originally felt like he was a woman trapped in a man’s body.

Unfortunately, her gender identity is not explored much more than that before she succumbs to being a typical villain possessing a woman’s body trope. However, if the cult-classic Hellblazer comics are adapted into the DCEU, perhaps Burke Day’s reincarnation as a woman can be given more depth.

There have been the rumblings of a Plastic Man movie for a long time. In the comics, Plastic Man ends up adopting a homeless child named Pado Swakatoon. He was born a girl but identifies as a boy who ends up being a loyal partner of Eel O’Brien.

Comic book writer Gail Simone has always been a proud ally for the LGBT+ and it shows through her talented writing. It’s not often that comics discuss gender identity with younger audiences and the Plastic Man movie could be a perfect avenue for it in the DCEU.

Originally, Dream Girl was created as a cisgender woman but thanks to CW’s Supergirl, she was reinvented as a transwoman known as Dreamer. With DC Pride (2021), Dreamer was brought to the comics and is confirmed to be making a return in the 2022 anthology.

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Fans have become so accepting of Dreamer that it would not be surprising if she had a DCEU debut. They could even bring back transgender actress Nicole Maines to play her DCEU counterpart and likely nobody would oppose.

One of the more recent characters to be introduced is Bia, a transwoman of color who is gladly accepted as an Amazon on Themyscira. She was born a man but reincarnated as a woman and despite having no memory of her previous life, she knows that she desired womanhood for a long time.

With Gal Gadot’s version of Wonder Woman now being one of the biggest faces of the DCEU, Bia could easily be introduced along with Nubia and the other Amazons from her story. It could allow for more stories featuring the Amazons and their culture.

One of Batman’s lesser-known allies, Victoria October is a scientist who works for ARGUS. Where Amanda Waller is cold and heartless, Victoria shows sympathy for metahumans; especially monsters such as Basil Karlo, also known as Clayface. She and Batman have known each other before she even transitioned to a woman.

Prior to being Victoria, she suffered from severe depression and her transition allowed her to fight that depression; to use her intelligence and skills to help others. With Ben Affleck’s future with the DCEU uncertain, Victoria October could be a recurring character for Leslie Grace’s Batgirl and other Bat-Family-related films.

Barbara Gordon and Alysia Yeoh became roommates in Gotham and both kept secrets from each other at first. Barbara Gordon was Batgirl and Alysia was originally born a male but eventually, the two became such good friends that she told the truth to Barbara.

This is another character created by Gail Simone and it is easily the most respectful portrayal of a transwoman in DC. Alysia is 100% guaranteed to be joining the DCEU as it has been confirmed that Alysia will be featured in the live-action Batgirl film. She will be played by a transgender actress Ivory Aquino and will likely be another great step forward for the community in superhero media.

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