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Encanto: What Your Favorite Character Says About You

Disney’s Encanto is one of the most popular films of 2021, winning Best Animated Feature and Best Original Score at the 2022 Oscars. Disney fans all over the world have fallen in love with this movie, the characters, and the already-classic musical score.

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People’s favorite characters can tell a lot about their own personalities, especially since they love characters they can personally relate to. Whether viewers adore Mirabel or feel an affinity with Bruno, each fan’s favorite character can reveal a lot about their personality.

The main character of Encanto, Mirabel is an extremely bright, bubbly, and energetic young woman. Throughout the movie, Mirabel displays a burning passion for saving the miracle, her family, and their home. She is willing to do almost anything to save the people she loves.

In addition to her passionate nature, Mirabel is also a very energetic person, approaching everything with enthusiasm and excitement. Her bubbly personality shines through in Mirabel’s best quotes no matter what the situation is, and she often tries to cheer everyone up in moments of difficulty. Encanto fans who relate to Mirabel oftentimes share her passionate nature and her energetic personality.

Luisa is a refreshingly unique Disney character. Her magical gift is physical strength, and she spends most of the movie displaying that strength, muscles flexing impressively as she bicep curls donkeys and the like. Strength is certainly Luisa’s defining characteristic, but she is also extremely strong mentally. As one of the older children in the family Madrigal, she has been forced to take on a lot of family burdens without any help.

As a very physically and mentally strong woman, Luisa is also sensitive and emotional, never refraining from holding her emotions back. She is extremely emotionally intelligent and isn’t ashamed of her feelings. People who see themselves in Luisa will most likely share her physical and mental strength as well as her sensitivity.

Even though Isabella may seem unlikeable at first, she grows and changes as the movie progresses. The oldest of Julieta and Agustín’s three children, Isabella is an extremely confident, flowery, creative person, who values beauty and perfection. Beautiful and popular, she has developed a strong sense of confidence, sometimes bordering on arrogance.

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Gifted with growing flowers with a snap of her fingers, Isabella is very creative as well, making beautiful flower sculptures and arrangements for the enjoyment of others. Her room is beautifully decorated with flowers, using her gift to express herself. Fans who love Isabella tend to possess similar confident and creative personalities.

Even though he enters the movie about halfway through, Bruno is one of the most compelling characters. His shyness and awkwardness make him extremely endearing and relatable. Since he has gotten used to no human interaction, Bruno is very timid with Mirabel and his family at first, but he soon grows back into the family, still retaining his shy personality.

Bruno is an extremely selfless person; he voluntarily leaves his family in order to save Mirabel and the entire family from the prophecy. He lives within the walls of Casita, staying to protect his loved ones while staying far away from them for their own good. Encanto fans who love Bruno the most will oftentimes share his shyness and his selflessness.

Antonio is hands-down the cutest character in Encanto. Though he might not get as much screen time as the rest of his family, he is the type of character that makes a strong impression and impact on the movie. Antonio may be young, but he already has a very kind, sweet, gentle heart.

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Antonio also has a comforting nature; when he notices that Mirabel is upset, he does everything that he can to cheer her up. He clearly dislikes seeing his family in pain, and his natural instinct is to comfort them. People who choose Antonio as their favorite character tend to possess his kindness and comforting personality.

Even though Dolores might have the fewest lines out of all the Encanto characters, she is still an intriguing and compelling character. Since Dolores’ gift is a hyper-sensitive sense of hearing, she has learned that sometimes listening is more important than talking. She is quiet most of the time, preferring to listen instead of talking a lot. This makes her a very attentive person.

Since she thrives on listening, Dolores can be very excitable when she hears people talking about exciting things. When Mirabel pieces together Bruno’s prophesy and Dolores overhears it, she quickly becomes excited and tells the entire family Mirabel’s secret. People wish they got to see more of Dolores and get more insight into her own thoughts. Disney fans who can relate to Dolores may also share her attentiveness and excitable nature.

Camilo is your typical teenage boy…except that he has shapeshifting powers. Utilizing the gift that he has been given, Camilo loves to cause trouble and annoy his family. He is naturally mischievous and enjoys picking on those around him for fun.

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Camilo certainly has a flair for the dramatic; he is quite the entertainer. With his shapeshifting, he is very fun to watch, and he oftentimes makes quite a show of his abilities to make others

For someone who can control the weather, Pepa is a very emotional woman, prone to mood swings that often affect the weather around her. She is the type of person to get swept up in her emotions, sometimes for good and sometimes for bad, depending on the situation.

Pepa is also an extremely affectionate person, she showers love on her children, Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio. She loves her family and her community, dedicating her entire life to helping others. People who love Pepa will often share her emotional and affectionate personality.

Mirabel, Luisa, and Isabela’s mother, Julieta, is an extremely warm and loving person. Her gift is her food; she is able to heal any ailment with a single meal. Because her gift revolves around food, Julieta uses her cooking to show her family that she loves them, and she also is extremely affectionate toward her family. She is always there for her children, especially Mirabel, who has the hardest time. Her warm nature is extremely comforting.

In addition to her comforting nature, Julieta is also very compassionate. She loves helping her family and her community and never hesitates to extend a helping hand, no matter the circumstances. Those who choose Julieta as their favorite tend to share her warmth and compassion.

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