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Caity Lotz Reacts to Legends of Tomorrow Cancellation

Star Caity Lotz has reacted to the cancellation of her Arrowverse series, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The show, which began airing on The CW in 2016, just finished airing season 7 on March 2, 2022, introducing fans to Donald Faison as DC Comics character Booster Gold. Unfortunately, the show will not be able to continue on from that point, or follow through on any of the plot threads it had been busily setting up for a potential season 8. The news of the cancellation came through yesterday after the show spent quite a bit of time on the bubble while The CW was put up for sale.

Lotz has been a part of the main cast of Legends of Tomorrow since the very first episode, and is in fact the only season 1 cast member other than Amy Louise Pemberton (who voiced Gideon) to have stuck around through the finale. She plays Sara Lance, also known as White Canary, a former member of the League of Assassins who was brought back to life by The Lazarus Pit. The character actually made her first appearance on Arrow season 2, episode 1, “City of Heroes.” She would go on to reprise that role in 37 episode of Arrow, two episodes of Supergirl, three episodes of The Flash, and one episode of Batwoman, which was also canceled yesterday.

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On her Instagram stories (via TVLine), Lotz shared her reaction to the cancellation during a break from lobbying The Creative Coalition on the behalf of the National Endowment for the Arts. She said that she is “bummed” about the cancelation but extremely grateful for all the fans who have supported the series for so long. Although she’s sad about the show ending, she added that “I recognize how lucky I have been to play Sara Lance for this long.” Read the full quote below:

Considering the fact that Lotz was introduced in the role in an entirely different series, this may not be the last fans have seen of Sara Lance. Although nearly every series she has appeared on has now been canceled, the Arrowverse is still going strong with other series that exist in the same universe. Lance could certainly find a way to make a cameo or even become a main player in The Flash or the Supergirl spinoff, Superman & Lois.

However, Lotz could also take the cancelation of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as an omen to find a new phase of her career. Although the actress got her start working in a variety of genres, including the horror film The Pact and the prestige drama series Mad Men, she hasn’t performed outside of the superhero genre since a small role in the 2017 film Small Town Crime. Should the Canary wish to spread her wings, now would certainly be the perfect opportunity.

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Source: TVLine

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