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Best Starting Faction To Use in Dune: Spice Wars | Screen Rant

Dune: Spice Wars offers players the opportunity to experience life on Arrakis through the eyes of the four distinct factions: the Fremen, House Atreides, the Smugglers, and House Harkonnen. The Fremen are local inhabitants of the planet who know coexist with the harsh desert environment. House Atreides are nobles capable of being both peaceful and militaristic in Dune: Spice Wars, holding a flexible outlook on how to develop the economy. House Harkonnen is a stark contrast to Atreides, craving power and implementing oppression for monetary and political gain. Finally, the Smugglers are a cunning coalition, choosing to feed off of the development of their competitors while growing their own underground empire.

With the characterizations of the four factions in mind, the “best starting choice” for Dune: Spice Wars would naturally depend on a player’s preference in roleplay. For instance, those who relish conquering and combat would undoubtedly enjoy the Harkonnens. On the other hand, players looking for a more organic survivalist approach could choose the Smugglers or Fremen. However, these recommendations are based primarily on the assumption the new player is well-acquainted with RTS/4X gameplay. Those less familiar or perhaps returning from a “strategy genre drought” should select Atreides.

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While opinions will depend from player to player, House Atreides in Dune: Spice Wars is, generally speaking, a more beginner-friendly faction compared to the others. The reason for this is the high amount of balance and flexibility given to the coalition’s perks and identity. Atreides does prosper primarily from peace, yet there are no drawbacks in choosing to become aggressively warlike or economic domination. Therefore, the faction is an excellent option to learn the loops of the game while equipped with easy-to-understand perks that can adapt to a variety of playstyles.

On the other hand, some players, even those who do not play strategy games, might think House Atreides to be unnecessarily bland or perhaps lacking the boldness or strong identity of other factions. In this case, there are particular recommendations that could potentially apply to non-RTS/4X fans who think another faction might be better. These suggestions are based on what other players enjoy in terms of other games.

First, those who enjoy stealth games or titles that require the protagonist to work undercover will undoubtedly like the Smugglers. Players who enjoy competitive games or “power-fantasy” concepts might find House Harkonnen to be their style. The Fremen could be recommended to survivalists or those who prefer having freedom with innate world-related constraints. Finally, the House Atreides faction is advised for those who relish pacifist or passive gameplay without too much direct confrontation in Dune: Spice Wars.

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Dune: Spice Wars is available on PC.

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