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Batman's Own Personal Army of Batmen Are Returning to Save Deathstroke

Warning: contains spoilers for Robin #13!

One of the coolest innovations of Grant Morrison’s run on Batman was Batman Inc, and now they have returned—to save Deathstroke, who has been framed for the murder of Ras Al Ghul. In Robin #13, the League of Shadows declares war on Deathstroke’s Secret Society, but now help has arrived from a most unlikely source: Batman Inc!

Over the past few months, Deathstroke has begun rebuilding the Secret Society, of which he was once a member. Meanwhile, Ras Al Ghul, tired after centuries of bloodshed and violence, appeared to turn himself into the authorities—but was killed by Deathstroke. However, Deathstroke is innocent, and now he must clear his name and bring in whoever truly killed Ghul. Furious over the death of their leader, the League of Shadows has declared all-out war on Deathstroke, his son ReSpawn, and the entire Secret Society, forcing him to fight a two-front battle. Furthermore, Batman has entered the fray, vowing to find out who killed Ghul—and why.

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Robin #13 is written by Joshua Williamson, illustrated by Roger Cruz, inked by Norm Rampund, colored by Luis Guerrero and lettered by Troy Peteri. Robin (Damian Wayne) has tracked Deathstroke and ReSpawn to a rooftop in Gotham. He confronts Deathstroke, vowing to bring him to justice for killing his grandfather. However, thanks to ReSpawn, Damian changes his mind. Batman arrives on the scene, ready to bring Deathstroke to justice. Deathstroke maintains his innocence, but Batman is not convinced, and prepares to take Deathstroke in. Deathstroke asks Batman why he does not go after Talia, who he believed ordered the hit; he presses Batman further, implying Batman was not going after her because she had targeted him and the Society. Deathstroke asks Batman what kind of hero he truly is, only saving the “good people.” Later, Prometheus, a member of the Society, is fighting for his life against a League assassin. Out of nowhere, Ghostmaker takes the assassin out and informs Prometheus that he, the Society, and Deathstroke are now under the protection of Batman’s forgotten team, Batman Inc.

Batman Inc was the next step in the evolution of Batman’s mission. Using his vast fortune and resources, he created a team of international, Bat-themed heroes, such as Batwing and Knight and Squire. However, when the New 52 reboot began, the concept was shoved aside, and eventually forgotten. However, the team recently returned in the pages of Batman where they were almost bought out by Lex Luthor. The issue ended with the former members of Batman Inc asking Batman if they see action again. Batman did not give them a definite answer, but the ending of Robin #13 clears up any confusion: Batman Inc is back, with new members such as Ghostmaker, and a new mission, unlike any they have had before: to protect the lives of Deathstroke and the Society.

This unique mission will be crucial both to the future of Deathstroke—and Batman Inc. This team, once written off, must prove themselves worthy of the Batman name—and they will do so by protecting the lives of some truly vile villains.

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Robin #13 is on sale now in digital and print.

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