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Arno And Wes Face Off In Fear The Walking Dead [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Screen Rant has the honor of presenting an exclusive sneak peek from Fear The Walking Dead season 7, which airs its 11th episode on May 1. While “Ofelia” is already available to view on AMC+, general audiences will get their first look at series star Alycia Debnam-Carey’s directorial debut on Sunday. Debnam-Carey has portrayed Alicia Clark on the series for seven years now, and is one of the only remaining survivors of her family.

Fear The Walking Dead‘s seventh season was split into two parts, with 7A centering on Morgan’s (Lennie James) group of survivors being scattered after the nuclear explosion caused by murderous zealot Teddy Maddox. The doomsday cult Maddox started aimed to “cleanse” the earth and rebuilding it, and he locked Alicia in a bunker in order to transform her into the future leader of his community. During her escape attempt, she was bitten by a zombie – but despite amputating her arm, she developed a fever that may indicate her actions were too late.

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In the exclusive Fear The Walking Dead clip provided by AMC, Wes is trapped in a cage and questioned by Arno, the leader of the Stalkers, who threatens to feed him to the walkers down below. With Arno both desperate for ammunition and still bitter about Derek’s death, can Wes hold his own against him? When Arno reminds Wes of his supposed betrayal against Derek, it is clear the latter is not entirely convinced he made the right choice when he ended his brother’s life – even if it was for the greater good. Check out the full clip below:

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This week’s highly-anticipated episode of Fear The Waking Dead is titled “Ofelia.” In it, Luciana (Danay Garcia) and Wes (Colby Hollman) test the limits of their patience when Daniel’s (Rubén Blades) worsening mental state ends up endangering them all. Apart from being Alycia Debnam-Carey’s directorial debut, the episode was written by Alex Delyle (who co-wrote “Reclamation” earlier this season) and David Johnson (who previously co-wrote “Breathe with Me”).

While one set of survivors are dealing with the Stalkers in this week’s Fear The Walking Dead, Alicia herself will continue to be a driving force in the back half after taking something on an absence in the first set of episodes. Not only must she battle the infection that threatens to weaken her, but she must also take responsibility for the doomsday cult that was left in her care and whose followers think of her as their leader. To make matters worse, she must go head to head against Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) and his armed militia at The Tower.

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Fear The Walking Dead season 7, episode 11 airs Sunday, May 1 at 9pm ET on AMC. New episodes will continue to be available one week early on AMC+.

Source: AMC

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