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Alaskan Bush People: Why Ami's Losing Legal Battle Over Billy's Estate

The matriarch of the Alaskan Bush People, Ami Brown, is still very much fighting an uphill battle over Billy’s estate. For the most part, Ami has been keeping to herself while living on top of the Washington mountain she calls home. She has also been put in charge of the legal battle, but it doesn’t seem to be going well.

Alaskan Bush People viewers will recall that in May of last year, Billy’s estate was sued for $500,000. The case argued that Billy had failed to pay profits out to an investor. The money in question came from the show’s success and from his book sales. A Tennessee doctor named Robert Maughon filed the lawsuit against Billy’s estate and the family business, Alaska Wilderness Family Productions, due to a breach of contract on April 27, 2021.

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Recently The Sun reported that Ami is struggling to win the case over her husband’s estate. Ami demanded that the 500k lawsuit be dropped this past month, but a judge denied her. Ami has been the estate’s representative since Billy’s death in February of 2021. Ami filed to have the suit dismissed, noting a “lack of subject matter jurisdiction.” Ami and her legal team are trying to argue that the federal court doesn’t have the right to rule on a probate case. Since the Washington judge quickly denied the request, the case will go on.

The doctor has claimed he signed a contract with Billy in January of 2009 and invested $20,000. The Tennessee doctor also shared that Billy had agreed to pay him 10 percent of the profits but didn’t follow through. Maughon also shared that in the same year, he invested another $10,000 into Billy and his company. For her part, Ami has shared that no valid will has been found and that Billy’s estate is only worth $412,000. The family had $27,000 in outstanding medical bills that needed to be paid too.

Over the Easter weekend, Ami popped up in a rare photo shared by her daughter-in-law, Raiven Adams. Ami looked to be enjoying herself as she played with her grandson, who was visiting North Star Ranch. Alaskan Bush People viewers are hoping the family’s legal issues work out fairly for all involved, but it looks like it may be a long process to get there. For now, Ami will keep fighting the good fight on behalf of Billy. Hopefully, the rest of the Brown family will be there to have her back.

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Source: The Sun

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