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90 Day Fiancé: Juliana Accused Of Not Embracing Pregnancy In IG Post

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Juliana Custodio shares she can’t wait to get back to work as some viewers accuse her of failing to embrace pregnancy. Juliana debuted on 90 Day Fiancé season 7, where she appeared alongside her now-estranged husband, Michael Jessen. The ex-couple had an age gap of 19 years that many viewers thought was a big red flag. Still, the duo got married in October 2019. Unfortunately, they filed for divorce on Valentine’s Day, after rumors of Juliana cheating on Michael surfaced online.

90 Day Fiancé viewers may already know that Juliana has moved on from her American husband to another man. She seems to be in a happy place at the moment. The Brazilian model started posting pictures with her artist boyfriend, Ben Obscura, online sometime in 2021. She revealed that she got pregnant by her new boyfriend in November 2021 and claimed it was her biggest dream come true. Two months later, Juliana shared she was engaged to Ben and revealed the sex of their baby.

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Juliana is in the final months of her pregnancy, and viewers are expecting her to be happy about being a mother. However, the reality star’s latest Instagram post has stunned her followers. Juliana shared some of her old modeling pictures and wrote about looking forward to going back to work. Many 90 Day Fiancé viewers found her post to be in poor taste and called her out for disregarding her pregnancy and upcoming parenthood. An Instagram user wrote, “How about embrace your pregnancy and the miracle of carrying a baby. Next, enjoy being a mom, and loving and caring for your baby.

Another user shared that young people who aren’t ready to be parents should not have a baby. They assumed that Juliana and Ben’s son will be “another baby thats gonna be raise by a nanny.” Among the harsh comments, a few of Juliana’s supportive followers shared their sweet advice for her. A 90 Day Fiancé viewer wrote, “Once your son is here I bet your priorities will change and you won’t want to be away from him. So many milestones you want to watch.” Someone else told the soon-to-be mom that she should do what makes her happy. It is great that some people understand Juliana’s perspective and even claim that her priorities will change once the baby is in her arms.

Juliana has worked hard her entire life, and it is understandable why she wants to get back to work. It seems that she is just missing her routine as she waits for her baby to arrive. Juliana’s message may sound negative to hard-working moms who have dedicated their lives to their families and kids. But, it isn’t wrong for the former reality star to share her honest feeling that she misses working. In any case, 90 Day Fiancé viewers can’t wait to welcome Juliana’s son into the franchise.

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Source: Juliana Custodio/Instagram

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