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This is something of a golden age for movies based on pre-existing intellectual properties, and one of the most anticipated such movies is Barbie. Based on the popular toy of the same name, the movie recently released its first look at Margot Robbie in the titular role.

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Unsurprisingly, many of the users of Reddit have already started formulating opinions about the movie based on this first look, and while some are very excited about what’s to come, others are a little more reserved, waiting to see more of what the final product might look like.

One of the most common responses over on Reddit is that the movie, in the words of ortusduz, “will be bananas.” There are some good reasons to think this might be the case, as it’s a little unclear at this point just what the movie’s actual story will be about.

However, given that it has clearly been given the blockbuster treatment – with big stars, directors, and writers – it seems clear it will be the type of movie that earns a great deal of buzz and chatter.

Given how little is so far known about the movie’s plot, it makes sense that many would already begin speculating about what it will actually be about. CrabSully, for one, believes that “there will be a sort of satirical element to it. The cast is pretty beefy not to lean into it.”

Indeed, given Margot Robbie’s many great roles, of which one of her most prominent is Harley Quinn, it does seem likely that the movie will lean into the satirical aspect of the Barbie story.

While some believe the movie will be primarily satire, others are of the opinion that it will be a blend of satire and commercial. DeficiencyofGravitas, for example, argues: “It’s going to be both. Just like how Jurassic World was simultaneously a mockery of corporate sellouts and a corporate sellout itself.”

There’s a great deal to recommend this argument, for while it is impossible for any Hollywood movie to entirely escape its conditions of product, it is still possible for it to offer at least a bit of commentary.

The fact that this movie will focus on Barbie, one of the most ubiquitous toys in the history of modern mass culture, necessarily raises the question of what kind of tone the movie will adopt. Mtarascio points out that “It has to be self aware, it can’t work otherwise.” As with the argument about whether it will be a commercial or commentary, there is a great deal to support this argument.

Given that it is co-written and directed by Grega Gerwig – who is responsible for some excellent movies – it seems clear that self-awareness will be at least part of the film’s ethos.

In addition to being a very popular toy, Barbie has also been the subject of songs, and arguably the most famous of these is Aqua’s “Barbie Girl.” It’s thus not surprising that a number of Reddit users, sometimes with tongue firmly in cheek, have expressed a desire for this song to appear, either in the movie or in the promotion.

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ChibzyDaze, for example, writes: “I’m expecting the trailer to have a mega orchestra version of Barbie Girl playing and I want Aqua to be the main villains.”

The fact that Greta Gerwig – most famous for directing both Lady Bird and Little Women – has been tapped to direct this movie as well has left some Redditors a little perplexed. Jwick89, for one, remarks: “Definitely an interesting big budget debut for Greta. Weirdly excited as well.”

Given her proven track record of producing movies with broad appeal to both critics and audiences, it seems likely this will be another success for Gerwig.

Margot Robbie has had numerous great acting roles, and each time she manages to craft engaging, sometimes idiosyncratic characters. While this may be true, there are some on Reddit who are not quite convinced she has what it takes to do this role justice.

Brando_Fett states: “She’s just always gunna be Margot Robbie in anything she’s in. It’s not a bad thing but I can’t buy her as anything but herself.” However, given Robbie’s already-established talents, it’s entirely possible she will prove her skeptics wrong.

One of the most notable aspects of this movie is the fact that it is a movie about a real-life toy that has, nevertheless, been given a significant budget. For many, in fact, this is one of the most appealing things about the movie.

Neutral_Switzerland, for example, is of the opinion that “I have always loved it when an ‘unworthy; material gets the A+ treatment.” With its combination of significant budget, big stars, and notable directors, this is sure to be a movie about toys that is unlike most others.

It has become very common for movies to be criticized for being too dark in terms of their cinematography. Unsurprisingly, given that this is a movie about toys, it seems likely that it will feature a fairly vibrant color palette. Equally unsurprisingly, many users of Reddit have come to see this as one of the movie’s major selling points.

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Nayapaya, for example, writes: “this movie looks like it will have ALL THE COLOUR that people are always complaining that modern movies are missing.”

There is always at least a bit of excitement during the release of a new movie, particularly when it comes to the first reveals. Barbie is no exception. What is rather surprising, however, is the extent to which many Redditors are, themselves, rather incredulous at their level of excitement.

ScubaSteve716 puts it best: “I am unreasonably excited for this movie.” Clearly,  many people are looking forward to seeing how this movie turns out, given the level of talent involved in its production.

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