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A Very British Scandal, like many other shows of its type, casts an unflinching light on the world of the British aristocracy. Focusing in particular on the divorce of the Duke and Duchess of Argyll, it shows how the very public breakdown of their relationship broke down a boundary between the nobility and the media.

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Though neither character comes out looking particularly pleasant, the series nevertheless does a strong job of showing modern audiences just how difficult it can be to live one’s life in the public spotlight, particularly when a marriage comes undone.

Just as A Very British Scandal takes a look at the inner workings of the British aristocracy, A Very English Scandal does something similar, showing how a personal affair can quickly become a matter for public consumption. In this case, however, it focuses on the love affair between a prominent politician and another man. Both Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw give powerful performances, and the series is by turns bitingly funny and deeply, achingly sad, showing how easily even a tawdry affair can become a huge scandal.

The Crown is arguably one of the best original series that Netflix has ever produced. While Queen Elizabeth II is obviously the series’ primary focus much of the time, it is also about much more than that. Like A Very British Scandal, it is about institutions, in this case the Crown itself, which comes to exact a terrible price on those who caught up in its workings. This includes Elizabeth herself, as well as the members of her family, particularly her children, who find their lives and ambitions curtailed.

Downton Abbey is one of the best period dramas to have appeared on television. With its unique mix of nostalgia and melodrama, it manages to cast a particular spell. However, it is also a very insightful show and, just as A Very British Scandal is about the changing mores of the British aristocracy, Downton is also about the ways the 20th century changed the very fabric of aristocratic life.

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This is true for both the aristocrats themselves as well as for those who work for them at the great estate of Downton.

Though he is most famous for producing Downton, Julian Fellowes has also earned praise for The Gilded Age. Those who enjoy the way A Very British Scandal looks at the lives of the wealthy and powerful will also enjoy The Gilded Age, which does a similar thing for Americans living in the later part of the 19th century. With its sprawling cast of characters, it gives the audience a sweeping look at the many people whose lives were impacted by the changing forces of encroaching modernity.

In part, A Very British Scandal is about the porous boundary between the private and the public. Indeed, it’s the decision of the Duke and Duchess to be so public that disturbs so many people. Secrecy is very much a part of Gentleman Jack, which focuses on the life of Anne Lister, a wealthy industrialist who led a secret life full of lesbian affairs. In addition to being a powerful period drama, it is also one of the best series about the experiences of LGBTQ people.

Helen Mirren has been in many great roles, and she has particularly excelled at creating powerful (often) royal women. Thus, it makes sense that she would be cast as Catherine the Great, one of the most formidable women to have ruled Russia.

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What makes this series such an especially appealing choice for fans of A Very British Scandal, however, is that it focuses on Catherine’s relationship with one of her generals, a relationship which damages her reputation and her rule.

David E. Kelley has shown himself very adept at creating compelling TV shows that keep the audience on the edge of their seats, and Anatomy of a Scandal is no exception. Focusing on a powerful Member of Parliament who is accused of rape by one of his subordinates, it exposes the rot that often exists in the highest echelons of political power. For those who enjoyed the way A Very British Scandal exposed the mendacity of the powerful, this series is a must-see.

Big Little Lies is often regarded as one of the best HBO series of the 2010s. Focusing on a community in California, it dives deep into the lives of its residents, most of whom harbor secrets of one sort or another. Like the characters of A Very British Scandal, however, the past can never be fully erased, and it often erupts to challenge and destroy the lives of people in the present. It also features some very powerful performances from some of the most talented women working in Hollywood.

Though A Very British Scandal is in part about the very public nature of the divorce, it is, at bottom, how it is that two people can be so drawn to one another despite the fact that they are so different. In a similar way, Scenes From a Marriage provides viewers with an intimate portrait of two people falling out of love with one another. It is one of Oscar Isaac’s best roles and, though at times difficult to watch, it is full of emotional depth.

Succession has quickly shown that it has what it takes to be a series unlike almost anything else in HBO’s history. Focusing on the powerful Roy family–media magnate Logan Roy and his children–it dives deep into their fraught psychologies and the toxic nature of power. Like A Very British Scandal, it casts a not very flattering light on the behavior of the wealthy and the powerful, giving audiences characters who are deeply (perhaps fatally) flawed yet compellingly watchable.

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