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Who Would've Won Civil War's Cut Captain America vs. Black Widow Fight

Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) nearly came to blows in Captain America: Civil War, thus raising questions about who the winner would have been. James Young, a fight choreographer who worked on the movie, recently revealed that a fight scene between the two was filmed. Apparently, Marvel was considering all sorts of different scenarios in terms of which characters could fight each other.

According to Young, Captain America and Black Widow would have fought on the roof of the airport where the battle between both sides took place. Of course, the fight didn’t make it into the final cut. Instead, it offered different pairings for each hero. Rather than go up against his fellow Avenger and ally from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve had showdowns with Spider-Man and Iron Man. As for Natasha, she participated in multiple fights but her biggest battle was with Hawkeye. Toward the end of the confrontation, Steve and Natasha could have fought, but a fight was avoided when she betrayed Iron Man’s side and helped him escape.

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Since the details of the cut fight haven’t been explained, what would have happened is currently open to speculation. But what’s known about both characters and their capabilities provides insight into how this battle would have played out on the big screen. Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers and Natasha are without question two of the MCU’s best hand-to-hand fighters, so this certainly would have been an intense match-up. But as skilled as Black Widow is, it’s likely that she would have come up short in a showdown with the Sentinel of Liberty. It makes sense that despite some struggles, Captain America would’ve emerged the winner. The super soldier serum and the shield would give him too many advantages.

Black Widow’s best weapon against him is her own fighting skills, but the problem with that is that his are on a similar – if not higher – level. Captain America has easily defeated Batroc the Leaper and has also overwhelmed a much stronger opponent in Spider-Man. In addition to these victories, he’s beaten Winter Soldier and survived against foes as powerful as Loki and Thanos. And without his shield, he managed to take down Crossbones in Civil War with his martial arts training. In comparison, Black Widow had an opportunity to stop the villain as well, but failed. Unable to penetrate his armor, Natasha was beaten and thrown into a tank.

This goes to show that Steve’s superior skills and strength would have given him the edge had they fought in Captain America: Civil War. The gadgets she employs would have come in handy against Steve, but armed with the shield, he’d have a strong defense perfect for neutralizing most of her weapons. All things considered, Black Widow would have made for a challenging adversary to be sure, but it’s hard to imagine her fighting abilities trumping Steve’s in a one-on-one fight.

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