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Vikings: Valhalla — The Main Characters, Ranked By Power

The Vikings are some of the most famous people in the history of Europe, known for their wars of conquest and for the impact that they had on various nations, including England. Vikings: Valhalla details a fictionalized version of the conflict between the English and the Vikings during the medieval period.

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The series focuses on the various personalities who were involved in these conflicts, showing them in all of their complexity. It’s also worth noting that the men and women who inhabit this world display varying levels of power as they contend with their dark and uncertain world and its politics.

Prince Edmund is one of the least powerful characters in the series, due largely to matters that are beyond his control. By the time that he inherits the throne, the Vikings are poised to invade and gain vengeance for his father’s betrayal of their kind. Though he tries to be a good king to his people, the truth is that his fundamental lack of power means that he often does things on the spur of the moment, often without thinking about long-term consequences.

Because he is one of the most influential nobles in England, Eadric Streona tends to think that he also has a great deal of power. At first, this bears out, but it soon becomes clear that he has very little of it, especially when compared to the influence and power wielded by the Vikings and their leaders. This is brought home most forcefully when he is brutally executed by Canute without anything even remotely resembling a trial.

Olaf, like most of the other major characters, is morally complicated, especially since his Christian faith doesn’t keep him from committing many brutal acts. He also shows that he wields at least some power, as he indicates when he tries to gain the throne for himself.

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However, the truth is that he doesn’t have nearly as much power as he thinks, and he fails to attain the unequivocal victory that he clearly so desperately desires.

There’s no question that Freydis is one of the most formidable fighters in Vikings: Valhalla. She shows time and gain that there is nothing that will stand between her and her goals, particularly when it comes to revenge. In that sense, then, she seems to have a great deal of power. However, it also has to be said that she often finds herself caught in the crossfire of various other conflicts, and though she has a lot of personal agency, she doesn’t really have as much political power as others.

Godwin is one of Vikings: Valhalla‘s most intelligent characters, as he shows with his ability to overcome his father’s shame and become one of the key political players in England. However, the flip side of that is that he doesn’t have as much power as he would like, and certainly not once the Vikings manage to invade England and take over much of the country. However, it’s precisely his lack of power that ultimately forces him to have to use his wits in order to get ahead.

There have been many formidable women in the Vikings franchise, and Haakon is sure to be seen as one of these. She has a great deal of political power when the series starts, so much so that she commands the respect of even the most powerful of the Viking monarchs. What’s more, she shows that she is the kind of person that is able to use their power to the benefit of others, and she is arguably one of the most just and capable rulers to appear in the series.

Leif Erickson is a formidable fighter, and he combines his fighting ability with a keen and subtle mind that allows him to play a key role in the Viking conquest of England. While he doesn’t wield a great deal of political power at the beginning of the series, he gradually shows just how indispensable he is to those who do, including Harald and Canute. Thus, by the end, he has become one of the most important characters and has demonstrated that he will play an even greater role in the events to come.

When the series begins, Harald is one of those who is determined to exact revenge against the English for their senseless slaughter of the Vikings living in England. He is also one of the most important warriors in the Viking army, which is why he is able to wield significant influence with King Canute.

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In addition to being a great warrior, he also shows that he has a subtle political mind and that, contrary to his brother Olaf, he might actually succeed in seizing the throne that he thinks is his by right.

There’s no doubt that King Canute is one of the most powerful figures in this series and surprisingly also one of Vikings: Valhalla‘s most likable characters. To begin with, he is one of the most dominant leaders of the Viking forces, and he consistently exercises his power over the men under his command. What’s more, he is constantly willing to put that power into action, most notably by seizing the throne of England and announcing that he will rule beside Edmund (whatever the young man might have to say about the matter). Like Haakon, however, he marries his power with a sense of justice for his people.

Of all of the powerful women that appear in the Vikings franchise, Emma is arguably the most powerful and the most intimidating. She is the type of person that is determined to survive everything that happens to her, and she is convinced that she has the absolute right to sit on the throne of England. While she faces some setbacks when it comes to this particular ambition, her power is such that she always manages to emerge triumphant, no matter what anyone, even the most powerful Vikings, try to do as they angle for their own conquest and rule over the island.

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