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The Lost City’s Sparkly Jumpsuit Was Sandra Bullock’s Biggest Challenge

Sandra Bullock, star of The Lost City, recently admitted that the biggest challenge during filming the action-romance movie was traversing around a jungle in a sequined jumpsuit. The film, which was originally slated to be The Lost City of D when production was announced in 2020, sees Bullock star alongside Channing Tatum as an unlikely pair thrown into a scenario straight out of an adventure novel. The film had its world premiere at South by Southwest on March 12 and will release exclusively in cinemas on March 25. 

Brothers Aaron and Adam Lee direct the film, which follows Bullock’s character Loretta Sage, a best-selling romance adventure novelist who gets kidnapped by the eccentric billionaire, Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe), who believes Sage’s inspiration for her novels are the key to discovering elusive treasures. Sage’s hope of rescue rests on Alan Caprison (Tatum) embodying the suave hero he portrays on Sage’s book covers, and on a CIA agent played by Brad Pitt, who was recently confirmed to have a much larger role in the film. Other stars in the film include Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Patti Harrison, and Oscar Nuñez. 

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In an interview with ET Canada (via CinemaBlend) Bullock revealed that her biggest difficulty during filming was donning her wardrobe of a sparkly, sequined jumpsuit in the jungle. The jumpsuit is covered in thousands of shimmering sequins and is paired with an intimidating pair of stiletto heels that Bullock had to wear throughout filming. An intercut with a scene of her character Sage even quips, “Do I need to be wearing a glitter onesie?” Bullock’s comment can be read below: 

As the release date for the film nears, it continues to gain momentum with interviews between the stars about eventful scenes such as a nude scene with Tatum and Bullock in the jungle. It seems that parallel to how their characters have to overcome figurative and literal mountains in the film, both actors had their own challenges to face during production. From the trailers, Bullock’s character can be seen in the purple sequined jumpsuit at both her book signings and trekking through the jungle, indicating that Bullock was likely in the jumpsuit for the majority of the time that she was on set. 

While the wardrobe choice for Bullock’s character is elegant and eye-catching, it is far from the utilitarian design that one would prefer for a jungle adventure that requires hiking, swimming and climbing. This will undoubtedly add to the comedic factor of the film along with the unlikely pairing of Bullock and Tatum being interrupted by the ever suave Pitt. With multiple other rom-coms already hitting streaming services and theaters this year, it will be up to audiences to determine if the genre-bending comedy action romance that is The Lost City is all that it’s built up to be.

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Source: ET Canada (via CinemaBlend)

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