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The Batman: 10 Gotham Landmarks Like The Iceberg Lounge That The Sequel Should Feature

Despite being three hours long, there aren’t all that many locations in The Batman. But, ironically, there’s still tons of world-building in the film. The bulk of the movie’s first two hours takes place in and around The Iceberg Lounge, a huge club that doubles as a mob spot, and it’s full of Batman’s rogues.

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As sequels tend to be, The Batman 2 will undoubtedly be more ambitious and sprawling, and the world of Gotham is so dense that there are loads of landmarks to use. These distinct locations should be used in a similar way to The Iceberg Lounge, by having entire acts of the movie take place there. Between a tower built by Ra’s al Ghul, a penitentiary where prison riots break out on the regular, and even a Batman-themed fast food joint, there are so many options.

Only one scene was based in Arkham Asylum in the new movie, and it was an extremely isolated scene at that, essentially only taking place in a cell. But given that audiences saw Joker locked up, it teases the idea of Batman’s whole rogues’ gallery being inside the asylum.

Fans already know that Batman often visits the location, as a scene was cut from The Batman where he visits the Joker to speak about the Riddler. Those two factors could lead to a whole act or two with Batman going back and forth between the Asylum and the cave. And as there are so many villains fans want to see in The Batman 2, a few Arkham visits could be the perfect way to showcase that.

Wonder Tower is one of the newest Gotham landmarks, as it was first introduced as recently as in the video game Batman: Arkham City. It is a huge, imposing building that sits in the center of Gotham, and it looks almost like Seattle’s Space Needle. But instead of being an observation tower, it serves as Dr. Hugo Strange’s base to oversee Protocol 10.

Wonder Tower has a lot of history, as not only was it used as Hugo Strange’s lair, but it was also built by Ra’s al Ghul centuries ago. However, given of all the future villains that were hinted at in The Batman, which were many, neither of Strange or Ra’s were teased. Nevertheless, Wonder Tower would make for a great setting for an epic final act.

Gotham Docks were on perfect display in Batman Begins, as it’s the first time that audiences actually see Batman in the dark and gritty reboot, which was a whole 45 minutes into the movie. It’s a prime location for a Batman movie, especially in Matt Reeves’ universe, as it’s another mob spot and the hub for so much criminal activity.

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The location is known for the Falcone crime family bringing in illegal substances in freight containers, and as the Penguin now runs that crime syndicate, the sequel could see him conducting criminal activity at the docks. And as this Batman is much more of a detective, it could see him looking through freight containers for clues.

Bat Burger is a fast-food chain with its major location found in the Gotham City metro area, and it’s also the name given to the chain’s signature burger. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to show up in this new Batman universe, as it’s pretty silly and somewhat of a novelty. While The Batman does have some funny moments, Bat Burger is a little too farfetched in this grounded world.

However, despite being such a novelty location, it’s also one of Batman’s oldest locations, as it was first introduced in the 1960s TV show.

The walls of Ace Chemicals could tell a lot of stories. But even though it’s one of the most iconic locations in the Batman franchise, it hasn’t been depicted in a solo Batman movie since 1989’s Batman, and even then, it was renamed Axis Chemicals.

It’s was shown briefly in Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey, but only from the outside when Harley Quinn blew it up. If the Joker does become a big part of the sequel, Ace Chemicals needs to be featured prominently, as it’s where the clown prince of crime fell into the vat of acid, and it’s where he conducts all of his business too.

In The Batman, Oswald Cobblepot isn’t the terrifying villain he’s known as, and he was simply Carmine Falcone’s righthand man. But as the Penguin’s rise in the sequel is a big prediction amongst fans, audiences will no doubt be seeing way more of The Iceberg Lounge and probably the docks too.

But that could also hopefully mean that audiences will get to see Gotham Zoo. In the past, the Penguin set up an operations base in the Arctic World exhibit, and he was also raised there as a young child. Not only that, but it has such a dark and icy aesthetic to it that would look stunning in the world of The Batman. But how much of that Reeves chooses to adapt is another question entirely.

Haly’s Circus is where Batman sees Dick Grayson for the first time, as he watches him and his family pulling off death-defying stunts. There’s so much going on at the circus, whether it’s the acts or Tony Zucco rigging the props behind the scenes, and a whole segment of The Batman 2 could take place in and around the tent.

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Given that Batman’s new theme is as terrifying as Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells” in The Exorcist, the score would perfectly fit over the Grayson family doing summersaults as the inevitable tragedy occurs. There were so many hints in The Batman that were clearly trying to trigger the audience’s memory of Robin and suggesting that he could exist in this universe. So it isn’t a stretch to believe that the Flying Graysons are a part of this world.

Bludhaven isn’t so much of a landmark as it is a whole town, but it’s still an interesting location that would be fascinating to see in the sequel. The town sits just a few miles outside of Gotham, and as if it was even possible, it’s an even more downtrodden and depressing place to live. Plus, out of all of the landmarks that could be a pivotal part of The Batman 2, Bludhaven is the likeliest.

At the end of The Batman, Catwoman explains that it’s Bludhaven she’s traveling to. And as the town is best known for being the base of operations of another vigilante, Nightwing, it could be another location in which the sequel builds up the existence of Dick Grayson.

Out of every superhero, fans have seen Batman’s origin more than any other. It’s gotten to the point where it almost borders on parody when the scene of Wayne’s parents being shot dead in Crime Alley is depicted for the hundredth time. But The Batman steered clear of telling that story, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s better than the Dark Knight trilogy.

However, it’s only a matter of time until Reeves does explore Batman’s youth and the night of his life that changed him forever. While some viewers will audibly groan when it happens again, in this inherently dark universe, Reeves could actually get creative with it, and it’d push the limits of the PG-13 rating.

There are so many brawls in The Batman, and the hero’s hand-to-hand combat has never been better or more exciting in any of the other movies. And that’s why Blackgate Penitentiary needs to be a major location in the next film.

Applying that style of combat to an all-out prison riot in a penitentiary that sits on an island, a la Alcatraz, would make for the most thrilling close-quarters action sequences since The Raid. The penitentiary is full of Gotham’s deadliest criminals that aren’t locked in Arkham Asylum, and it’d be complete hell for Batman.

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