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My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Everything We Know About Whitney's Mom & Dad

Viewers of My Big Fat Fabulous Life have come to love Babs and Glenn Thore like their own parents, with many wanting to learn more about the couple. Whitney has a very special relationship with both of her parents. The series often shows a close bond between them all. Fans are now hoping to learn more about the patriarch and matriarch of the Thore family.

Though Whitney is supposed to be the star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, there are times when Babs and Glenn can’t help but steal the show. Their progressive thinking and humor have kept their daughter and viewers on their toes for nine seasons. Overall, it seems like there is no conversation that is off-limits, including their mortality or Whitney’s lack of a love life. While certain topics are hard to talk about, each of them is done with love and respect.

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There is a lot to unwrap when it comes to Whitney’s parents. Viewers may know that Babs has been suffering from health issues, with the most recent one being a fall caught on camera while she got her COVID-19 vaccination. TLC cameras also caught Babs recovering from a stroke in an earlier season. She has done her best to recover she still has trouble with forgetting at times. Fans watched Bab’s husband Glenn dote on her while Whitney tried her best to force her parents to move downstairs for safety reasons. Glenn and Babs got married in August 1977 and just celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary, proving that love can conquer all.

Naturally, Babs and Glenn still worry for their daughter when it comes to finding love. The dancer has been struggling for years to find a decent man who wouldn’t toy with her heart. Over the years, Whitney has had her fair share of breakups, but none was worse than her broken engagement to Chase Severino. Thankfully, Babs and Glenn were there to give helpful advice. They have always added a little pressure and revealed at one point that they hope their daughter can find happiness in their lifetime.

Without a doubt, Babs and Glenn aren’t leaving My Big Fat Fabulous Life anytime soon since they have become an intricate part of the show’s popularity. Glenn still gets up every morning to head off to work while Babs fiddles at home. The couple has had their fair share of trials, but they always come out on top. Their relationship is something that Whitney and fans aspire for, with many hoping they can learn even more about the couple in the upcoming season.

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