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While MotoGP is one of the most prestigious motorcycle racing categories around, developer Milestone has been building its reputation as the go-to studio for motorbikes as a whole. Milestone has been going from strength to strength with its MotoGP titles, as well as other formidable series like its beloved RIDE games. Now, players have had a first proper glimpse at MotoGP 22 in action.

MotoGP 22 takes the same format as the other MotoGP games from Milestone, as an official accompaniment to this year’s championship. Players will be able to take on this year’s teams from both MotoGP and its various junior formulas, with all of the official circuits and a comprehensive career mode for long-term play. As well as that, the game features some other updates, including a look back at the iconic 2009 MotoGP season.

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Based on the preview build of the game, MotoGP 22 certainly seems to match the level of gameplay quality expected from the series so far. It’s a smooth experience, and as with all the best road racing motorbike games there’s an emphasis on the player getting into the right rhythm and flowing through the circuits to maximise their speed. It carries over the success seen in MotoGP 21, and hopefully the final product will provide an even better end result.

It is worth noting that the preview did not give away any details of the game’s career mode, which will of course be the bread and butter for single player gameplay. If previous MotoGP games (and other Milestone licensed games like MXGP 2021) are anything to go by, then it will once again be the case of rising through the ranks to reach the highest echelons of the sport. Thankfully the preview here did include the other core game options, with a Championship mode to run through the season and single races for pick up and play, to get a good idea of how the title will feel.

One key addition to MotoGP 22 is the Season 2009 game mode. This focuses on the 2009 MotoGP championship, picking a selection of situations from across the series and throwing the player into them. It’s a neat little way of running through a classic season of the sport through a collection of different race modes, acting as both a good introduction for new players and also a nod of recognition to long-time MotoGP fans.

There are also some good hints that MotoGP 22 is looking to be more accessible than previous games. This doesn’t mean it is by default any easier – higher difficulties will still test the reflexes of veterans – but the inclusion of things like a split screen mode does mean that there are more options to get new players involved. Motorcycle racing is a bit of a niche at times, so getting more people into the game with easy access to multiplayer is a good choice by Milestone, and may pay dividends like the similar option available in the Codemasters F1 games.

MotoGP 22 looks the part, too. The bike models feel very authentic, while the modelling of the track layouts also gives the game a sense of realism that will keep motorsport fans happy, all the while maintaining the sense of speed required to really get the heart racing in those long corners. The racing also feels better than previous games, with clear improvements on the tactile nature of the circuits, particularly with curbs.

As such MotoGP 22 is gearing up to be another strong entry in the series. There’s a broader scope here that will provide players with some fun extra pieces to enjoy, while the core racing seems to have seen an improvement as well. There’s not long to go before the full game is out, however, and at that point fans will be able to know whether MotoGP 22 lives up to this potential.

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MotoGP 22 releases 21 April 2022 for PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X. Screen Rant was provided with a PC download code for the purposes of this preview.

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