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Legacies: Hope Has Become Even Worse Than Klaus (In Some Ways)

Although Klaus might be considered more irredeemable because of his actions throughout both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, his daughter Hope is arguably surpassing even him in Legacies season 4. Hope Mikaelson’s character growth is a tricky thing to chronicle. For the first three seasons of Legacies, she was a relatively straightforward heroine and, although she was no pushover, Hope was an ultimately well-meaning and good-hearted presence on the spinoff.

Some fans even found Hope to be too much of a morally upright heroine and wanted Legacies to focus more on the comparatively complex Lizzie, a more morally ambiguous figure who had further growth potential since she started as a self-centered, hot-headed character. However, Legacies season 4 kept Hope as the show’s MVP while also turning off her humanity, and she swiftly became the show’s most lethal and ruthless villain. Now, far from turning this character shift around, Hope has arguably become even worse than her father, Klaus Mikaelson.

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Through The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, Klaus Mikaelson did some truly horrific things. Not only did he kill both of his parents, Jenna, and Tyler’s mother, he also compelled countless characters into awful actions they would otherwise never have committed. While Klaus’s actions were driven by his intense and uncontrolled emotions, by turning her humanity off, the unstoppable Tribrid Hope outdid her father and tipped into some truly sociopathic behavior in Legacies season 4. Klaus remained somewhat understandable, if not excusable since his main driving motivations were a very human desire to belong and a deep-seated fear of betrayal. What his daughter is doing now in Legacies, however, is driven by no emotion whatsoever, and Hope is all the more dangerous and unstoppable as a result.

While Hope hasn’t approached nearly the level of murder and hurt that her father caused, Klaus could at least be reasoned with and others could appeal to his emotion. However, Hope has no emotions anymore. In Legacies season 4, her actions, which range from torturing Aurora to killing and feeding on innocent civilians, are driven more by wanton bloodlust than anything else. Although Jed’s character development proves Legacies can still turn a potentially one-note figure into a compelling character, Hope’s lack of humanity makes her villainy both less complicated than her father’s flaws and harder for other characters to defeat.

Shortly after Hope turned her humanity off and almost killed Alaric early in Legacies season 4, the series made it clear that no one could stop her. Since then, the show has repeatedly reaffirmed this, with Lizzie being temporarily killed when she fought Hope and briefly sired to the Tribrid upon her revival. Even if it weren’t for Hope and Lizzie’s Sire Bond, though, the Legacies heroine would never have been able to defeat the Tribrid Hope since the emotionless character is both too strong to overpower and too inhuman to reason with. As a result, Legacies season 4 has made Hope even less redeemable than The Vampire Diaries and The Originals star Klaus, even if she is still catching up with her father’s sizable body count.

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