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Joe Vs. Carole: 10 Movies And TV Shows Where You've Seen The Cast

Inspired by the over-the-top lives of convicted felon Joe Exotic, aka the Tiger King, and animal conservationist Carole Baskins, Peacock’s latest miniseries Joe vs. Carole boasts an ensemble of familiar faces. For starters, Baskins is played by longtime Saturday Night Like cast member Kate McKinnon while actor/director/playwright John Cameron Mitchell appears as Joe Exotic.

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Further, the supporting cast includes stars from cult TV classics like Twin Peaks as well as long-running series like Law & Order. Cast members like Nat Wolff and William Fitchner have had equally stellar careers in movies too. All in all, Joe vs Carole has quite a talented bunch of established actors.

Joe Exotic actor John Cameron Mitchell is a man of many talents. In a stellar career spanning across several decades, he has directed and acted in movies and performed in stage musicals. His magnum opus in this regard will be Hedwig and The Angry Itch.

An adaptation of the play of the same name, the movie musical from the 2000s is written and directed by him while featuring him in the lead role. The movie is centered upon Hedwig, an East German glam-rocker who is betrayed by a musical protégé and Hedwig’s exploration of gender identity and stardom. Hedwig and the Angry Itch is seen as a cult favorite and earned Mitchell a Golden Globe nomination.

From Bombshell to a Ghostbusters reboot, Carole Baskins actress Kate McKinnon has significant movie credits but her tryst with TV is incomplete without her starmaking turn on Saturday Night Live.

The legendary late-night series has included some of Kate McKinnon’s most iconic character impressions, ranging from politicians to popstars to her own fictional characters.  For playing various characters on the show, McKinnon has been nominated for nine Primetime Emmys, winning two.

Carole Baskins’ second husband Howard Baskins is played by Kyle MacLachlan who is otherwise mostly known for his collaborations with David Lynch. Apart from playing Dale Cooper in the Twin Peaks franchise, he appeared in other of David Lynch’s movies such as Dune and Blue Velvet.

The latter is a cult classic in surrealist cinema and is widely acclaimed even today. The neo-noir deals with a college student who engages in a relationship with a lounge singer while uncovering a larger criminal conspiracy. MacLachlan appeared as the protagonist Jeffrey Beaumont and earned raves for his performance.

Jeff Lowe was Joe Exotic’s former business partner who gets involved in his own shady businesses regarding tigers. In the show, he is played by Dean Winters who has been an alumnus on 30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Sex and the City. Even before these shows, he earned fame with his main role in Oz.

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A crime drama set in the titular prison, Oz incorporates parallel stories of correctional officers and inmates as they fight for survival behind bars. Winters takes the spotlight as he plays the sociopathic hoodlum Ryan O’Reily, a particularly ruthless and scheming character on Oz.

When William Fichtner isn’t busy playing “suited-up” roles in Hollywood movies, he also makes TV appearances such as the recurring-turned-main character Adam Janakowski in Mom. In Joe vs Carole, the actor appears as the documentary filmmaker Rick Kirkham who reported extensively on Joe Exotic’s misadventures.

With Anna Faris and Allison Janney in the lead roles, the comedy series is about a mother-daughter duo who must deal with each other’s eccentricities. Issues like alcoholism and dysfunctional families are also touched upon as the narrative progresses. Fichtner’s Adam often appears as the boyfriend (and later husband) of Janney’s protagonist Bonnie.

Cougar Town actor Brian Van Holt plays zookeeper John Reinke in Joe vs. Carole. While he has had bit roles in many recent movies, his most memorable performance might be his double role in the 2005 remake of House of Wax.

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The slasher deals with a group of teenagers stranded in an abandoned wax museum. Chaos ensues as they start getting murdered. Van Holt’s twins Bo and Vincent Sinclair serve as the primary antagonists of the movie as their true motives are revealed later.

Nat Wolff appears as one of Joe Exotic’s husbands, Travis Maldonado. Apart from supporting roles in romantic dramas like Stuck In Love and The Fault In Our Stars, one of Wolff’s lead roles in the genre include that of Q in Paper Towns.

An adaptation of John Green’s teen book of the same name, Paper Towns deals with a mild-mannered boy’s fascination with his childhood friend who seems to have disappeared. In her pursuit, the protagonist discovers himself as well as his connections with the two best friends who accompany him. The result is a heartwarming road trip comedy with a subversion of coming-of-age tropes.

Before being a part of film projects like In The Heart Of Sea and Burnt, Irish actor Sam Keeley’s breakout performance was in the drama series Raw.

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Created by Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee, Raw dealt with the inner workings of a restaurant. The show captured the chaos that goes on inside the kitchen from different perspectives. Keeley played a major role in the fifth and sixth seasons following which he started getting major roles elsewhere. In Joe vs. Carole, Keeley appears as John Finlay, one of Joe Exotic’s many husbands.

Carole Baskins’ husband Don Lewis has been the subject of mystery with conspiracy theories suggesting that Carole herself had him kidnapped or killed. Australian actor David Wenham appears briefly as Don in Joe vs. Carole. Fans of the fantasy genre would recognise Wenham from The Lord of the Rings trilogy (in which he played Faramir) and 300.

Based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel of the same name, 300 dramatizes the Battle of Thermopylae in which apparently 300 Spartan soldiers defeated hordes of Persian military units. Wenham has a central role in the stylish, ultraviolet epic as Dilios, a Spartan soldier and the narrator of the movie.

Shareena Carlton plays the recurring character Susan in Joe vs. Carole. Even though she has been appearing in supporting roles in movies and TV shows, she is most well known for her lead role in the prison drama Wentworth.

With Carton joining the lead cast as the inmate Doreen Anderson, the show deals with the inner workings of an all-woman prison. As expected, the episodes of Wentworth deal with the gritty road to survival that many inmates have to go through as well as the prison hierarchy that they strive to climb.

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