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Jodie Whittaker & John Bishop Share Emotional Doctor Who: Flux Wrap Story

Jodie Whittaker and John Bishop share an emotional story about finishing Doctor Who: Flux. Whittaker made television history in 2017 when she became the first woman to portray the Doctor on the long-running British sci-fi series. She took over for Peter Capaldi in the Doctor Who Christmas special, “Twice Upon a Time,” and Bishop later joined Whittaker as the Doctor’s new companion, Dan Lewis, on Doctor Who season 13. Both actors will star alongside Mandip Gill (playing Yasmin Khan) in the upcoming Doctor Who specials set to air later this year, which will be Whittaker’s final appearances as the Doctor.

Doctor Who season 13 told a single story arc, collectively called Flux, across the season’s 6 episodes. In it, the Doctor and her companion Yaz must contend with the Flux, a mysterious universe-destroying anomaly, while enemies and secrets from the Doctor’s past threaten to stop them. Along the way, they pick up Dan as their newest addition on the TARDIS. The three time-travelers deal with the fallout of the Flux in the 2022 Doctor Who specials, “Eve of the Daleks,” “Legend of the Sea Devils,” and a final special with a currently unknown name.

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This past week, Whittaker joined Bishop on his Three Little Words podcast, which he shares with Tony Pitts, to discuss their time on Doctor Who. Bishop posted an excerpt from the discussion during which he and Whittaker tell an emotional story about wrapping Doctor Who: Flux. The two revealed that after they had wrapped filming, they went out to dinner with fellow cast members, Mandip Gill and Bradley Walsh, where Bishop “burst into tears.” According to Bishop and Whittaker, a mixture of joy and gratitude caused the whole group to become very emotional. Read Bishop and Whittaker’s story below:

There is no doubt about the immense impact Doctor Who has made on pop culture since the sci-fi series first premiered in 1963. Still, Bishop and Whittaker’s story reveals that the influential television series made just as much an impact on the cast as it did on its viewers. Although Bishop’s time on Doctor Who was brief relative to the series’ history, clearly he treasured both his role on the show and his time working with its cast and crew. His feelings about the show were enough to move him to tears.

As one of the longest-running television series, Doctor Who is sure to remain a genre mainstay as well as a point of pride for those who worked on the show. The series’ fanbase remains dedicated even now, almost 60 years after its debut. Although Whittaker and Bishop are leaving the series, Doctor Who season 14 will be led by Russell T Davies. As the showrunner who revived the series in 2005 returns, Doctor Who is primed to start another wild adventure.

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