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Users can download videos from Pinterest to keep or share. If it’s something fun or emotional, users may want to share that with followers on another social media service. Pinterest has a feature that allows users to share content to other platforms, but it’s limiting. For example, on Instagram, people can only share posts with friends, not on the feed or in stories. Users can share pins with followers on Twitter, but it appears as a link. That’s not the type of engaging content that someone wants to post.

Pinterest isn’t the only platform users can download videos from. TikTok makes it easy to download a video right from the platform. YouTube also allows people to download videos from its app on the iPhone. Unfortunately, users need a premium membership to do so. However, there is a free way to download videos from Pinterest.

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To download a video from Pinterest, a user will first need to download the Pinterest Downloader from the Google Play Store. Once the app is downloaded, go into Pinterest, and select the desired video to download. Open the video, click the three-dotted line, and select ‘Copy Link.’ Next, open the Pinterest Downloader. Paste the link in the ‘Paste a Pinterest URL’ bar. Then, click ‘Download.’ The easiest way to see the video is to go to the notification saying the download is complete. The other way to view the video is to go into ‘My Files.’ Select the video, and choose which app to open it with. It’s best to open it in the ‘Video Player’ for more ways to utilize the content, like sharing and editing.

While the Pinterest Downloader is not available in Apple’s App Store, it’s available via the web. First, visit the Pinterest website, locate the video and select the upload symbol. Next, click ‘Copy Link.’ Then go to the Pinterest Downloader website and insert the link, and click ‘Download.’ There will be an option to download the file as an image or video file. Select the video file option. The video will open in another window, so hit command and S on a Mac or Ctrl and S on a PC to save the video to the drive. Now the user can share to any platform.

There are a few steps to download a video from Pinterest, but the platform makes it easy to download GIFs and images. Just select the GIF or photo to be saved. Once again, click the three-dotted line. This time click ‘Download image.’ Go to saved photos to view the image. From here, the user can share the content on other platforms. Note that the user should always credit the original source when posting a video or image.

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