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GTA 5 PS5 Loading Time Is Ridiculously Fast Compared to PS4

The new version of Grand Theft Auto V has ridiculously quick loading times on the upcoming Playstation 5 version compared to the long-lasting PS4 version. GTA 5 will be available on next-gen consoles on March 15, and early looks show not only a massive improvement with the initial loading time of Story Mode in the game, but also enhanced graphics fitting for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Despite releasing nearly a decade ago, the action-adventure game GTA V has maintained relevancy and even surged in popularity recently due to content creators roleplaying in GTA Online.

On next-gen consoles, the most recent GTA title will have various graphics modes and support a 4K resolution. This is an extreme upgrade for a title that was originally created for Xbox 360 and PS3. Although fans are willing to buy the game once again nine years after its initial launch, the price has been a point of contention. Upon release, the Story and Online modes of GTA V will be discounted, but Playstation users will receive a better deal before the title returns to its full price. Some players are also disappointed that the expansion favors GTA Online over the story. However, the remaster of the game addresses issues seen in previous consoles, including the infamously long start-up loading time.

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It seems that Rockstar has paid attention to the frustrations of players. VGC has tested the Story Mode loading time of GTA V for PS5 specifically and found that it is around three times faster than that of the PS4. While the loading time on PS4 was over a minute and a half, VGC found that that time was reduced to around 27 seconds on PS5. While it is still quite a bit longer than other AAA games on next-gen consoles, it is an enormous improvement for Grand Theft Auto V. The graphics between PS4 and PS5 were also compared, and the advancement is notable.

GTA V‘s startup time has been complained about since the release of the game, but Rockstar has done little to repair the issue except for last year when an outside programmer found a way to improve GTA Online‘s loading time. While the enhanced graphics are the main selling point of the next-gen launch, avid players of Grand Theft Auto may find the loading improvement even more satisfying. Although some are frustrated with the lack of an actual expansion of the game in the upcoming release, others are justifying it by Rockstar’s recent announcement on the development of GTA 6.

Users are already able to pre-download Playstation 5’s GTA V so that it will be readily available once the release date hits. While the loading screen times are a big improvement and selling point, players can expect other improvements. GTA 5‘s graphics will also get an upgrade with the next-gen release when it releases.

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GTA 5 will be available on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on March 15, 2022.

Source: VGC


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