God will anoint good president for Nigerians in 2023: Christian leaders

God will anoint a good president for Nigerians in the 2023 presidential election, Christian leaders from the Bible Society of Nigeria and the Christian Association of Nigeria have said.

On Tuesday, they expressed optimism that a better national leadership will emerge in Nigeria from the 2023 general elections.

The clergymen, in separate interviews in Lagos, noted that Nigerian had been resilient despite suffering hardship and insecurity.

Samuel Sanusi of the BSN, said, “God is at work to anoint a good president for His people for 2023.”

According to him, with the hard times Nigerians are facing, God has heard their cries and is in the “business of making a good difference as aftermath of the electioneering process.”

“We are in for a better dispensation in 2023 as all the components of social reform are geared toward achieving the set divine goal with God almighty in the saddle,” Mr Sanusi asserted. “Everyone has vested interest in the system now unlike before when it was only the political parties that decided. The pitch of hardship is touching everyone so people are more than before out to right the wrong.”

Mr Sanusi also advised eligible Nigerians to obtain or update their voter cards to participate in the 2023 general elections and legitimise the process and offer better leadership for the nation.

“At the level of the church and its subsidiary groups, efforts are being made to mobilise people to come out and vote and be voted for,” he explained. “Efforts are being made to discourage voter apathy in order not to give room for fraudulent acts that will spoil the process.”

The BSN leader commended women for pushing forward with bills that would result in good governance, and tasked them to remain focused without retreating until Nigeria gets better.

Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Lagos chapter, Stephen Adegbite, said the only option was to get the best solution through good leadership.

“We have set out communication channels to reach out to the people to be part of the political process that would midwife the expected sanguine leadership, come 2023,” stated Mr Adegbite.

Also speaking on the expectations of Nigerians ahead of the 2023 polls, Joseph Ojo of the Calvary Christian Kingdom Worship Centre, said those planning to cause trouble would be prevented by God from gaining power, thereby make room for good leaders to emerge.


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