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An Apple Studio Display Pro May Be Right Around The Corner

While Apple only recently announced the Studio Display and its availability to pre-order, a new and more advanced monitor, possibly called a Studio Display Pro, might already be in production, providing another option for Mac owners. The current 27-inch Studio Display is an excellent solution for the small but powerful Mac Studio computer. The similarity in naming suggests Apple would like customers to order these two products together. A complete computer system with entry-level Mac Studio, Studio Display, Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad, along with a Magic Mouse with multi-touch costs less than $4,000. This is an excellent deal for a powerful computer.

Before the Studio Display launch, the only option in recent years was the Pro Display XDR, a 32-inch monitor that Apple spared no expense at making. With a 6K resolution and mini-LED backlighting, the Pro Display XDR boasts a peak brightness of 1,600 nits and a sustained 1,000 nits. Apple’s brightest screen also provides deep blacks and an incredible one-million-to-one contrast ratio. The only downside is the $5,000 price tag, which places it out of reach for most.

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Display industry insider Ross Young recently shared a Tweet that suggests Apple has already started production on mini-LED panels for a new 27-inch monitor, presumably a Pro version of the recently released Studio Display. The current model is an excellent monitor but doesn’t offer the extreme brightness and contrast range of the latest MacBook Pro model’s XDR display and is no match for Apple’s top solution, the Pro Display XDR. This means those wanting to max out their Mac Studio build require a Pro Display XDR, adding at least $5000 to the cost of the system. Apple needs a mid-range option, aligning nicely with this new rumor.

Apple doesn’t seem to be protecting its older models from the competition with newer products, as evidenced by the Mac Studio outpacing the Mac Pro and touted by Apple as the fastest personal computer ever made. Perhaps the Studio Display Pro will outperform the Pro Display XDR at a lower price. Apple uses mini-LED backlighting in its XDR displays, so screen brightness and contrast are expected to be excellent. The latest XDR displays also feature ProMotion technology, allowing up to a 120-hertz refresh rate. If the Studio Display Pro has 5K resolution, it will be as sharp as the Pro Display XDR, and Apple might pack even more pixels in.

Recent rumors indicate that Apple might already be in production on a Studio Display Pro featuring mini-LED backlighting. The Pro Display XDR was the first Apple device to come with this screen technology. The 2021 iPad Pro 12.9 was Apple’s second XDR display, and two MacBook Pro models were released later that same year with mini-LED backlighting as well. So the time is right for a new XDR monitor for Mac desktop computers, and the supposed Studio Display Pro could fill that need later this year, possibly as soon as Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

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Source: Ross Young/Twitter

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