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8 Funniest Michael Keaton Quotes From His Comedy Movies

Michael Keaton is well known for his amazing filmography and over the years, nothing has changed on this front. From films like Batman, Batman Returns, American Assassin, and so many more, Keaton has had some prominent roles in the genre of action and drama. However, these aren’t the only genres that Keaton has taken on in his career.

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In fact, Michael Keaton has had made very successful comedy films, and in these movies, he has delivered some of the funniest quotes ever.

Probably one of Michael Keaton’s most complex yet entertaining roles, Birdman follows Riggan Thompson, a washed-up actor known in the ’90s for playing a superhero named Birdman. The film is ironically one of the best movies where an actor is portraying another actor. As Keaton’s character is trying to get back on his feet and back into the entertainment industry, he is tormented and critically mocked by his Birdman persona that seems to manifest itself into his real-life, during stressful situations.

This quote acknowledges this personas critical judgment of Thompson while he’s trying to get back into acting. Birdman tells Thompsons’ character he needs to make some drastic changes if he wants to keep up with the newer generation in the artistic community.

In the film Multiplicity, starring Andie MacDowell and Michael Keaton, Doug Kinney (Keaton) is a busy husband and father trying to make time for his family and work. When a scientist offers to clone him, he jumps at the chance, and this is where hilarity ensues.

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When Doug #2 and #3 take it upon themselves to make a fourth clone to take care of the things they can’t, they use their cloned DNA, which causes clone #4 to not be as smart. This leads to Doug #2 telling the original Doug that these problems stem from “making a copy of a copy.”

When his wife returns to work after he’s just been fired, Michael Keaton’s character in Mr. Mom is left to take care of the kids and home. While some say the movie is a classic, yet, others say that Mr. Mom has aged poorly because of its premise. However, this doesn’t affect the great acting and the comedic overtures in the movie, and this quote is just one example.

When he sees that his wife’s boss seems to be taking a shine to her, just a little too much, Jack hilariously attempts to make it seem as though he’s psychologically unhinged. In one iconic scene, before firing up his chainsaw as a scare tactic, Jack says this quote, funnily referencing Ron’s mustache and offering to give it a little trim.

In the film, The Other Guys, Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are two cops trying to prove that they deserve to wear a badge, and Michael Keaton plays their hilarious captain who says whatever is on his mind. The Other Guys has some of the best quotes and Keaton’s character definitely has some of the most hilarious.

In a scene where Keaton’s character is expressing to Wahlberg and Ferrell’s characters that he doesn’t need any more stress from them because he has a lot going on at the moment, he reveals that he’s working two jobs. This quote hilariously expresses his disdain for his situation, however, it could be said that Keaton’s character prefers his job at Bed Bath and Beyond to being captain of the police station.

Mr. Mom explores the reversal of gender roles and the struggles that come along with women in the workplace and/or returning to the workplace after an extended time. In the movie, when Keaton’s character, Jack, is fired from his job, he must take on the “homemaker” role when his wife heads back to work.

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While still learning the ends and outs of being a “stay at home” dad, Jack faces lots of hilarious misadventures, like the one where he decides to paint the inside of the house and his youngest son is in the corner painting his little sister. Not exactly a parenting fail, but it was funny to watch.

After his tragic death, Michael Keaton’s character, Jack, in Jack Frost magically comes back to life as a snowman to make up for lost time with his son, Charlie. As the two get to know each other and spend time together, there is a wide array of laughs, crying, and some ironically funny quotes along the way.

While out having a little fun with his son in his new body, Jack jokingly states that his “balls are freezing” from the cold, which is ironic because this is a good thing in his case. Without the freezing weather, Jack would ultimately melt and be lost to his son before truly getting to know him.

The Other Guys is a comedy that showcases the comedic abilities of all the actors involved, and Michael Keaton’s character of Captain Gene is no exception. His character loves to rib and joke with his officers and he loves to throw in a few TLC song references while he’s at it.

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In this scene, Keaton’s character is checking up on an exhausted Ferrell’s character after closing a big case, and he expresses that Ferrell doesn’t have to worry about any paperwork and he’ll take care of it. As he states this, he manages to slide in a song reference from TLC (“Aint Too Proud To Beg”), even though he claims throughout the movie not to know who they are.

Earning the distinction of being the 10th highest-grossing film in 1988, Beetlejuice is still a Michael Keaton classic today.  The film follows a couple (Barbara and Adam) who die in a car accident, and are left as ghosts inside their home. When a new family moves in, it soon becomes apparent that the couple won’t be able to live peacefully in their humble abode and so they seek the help of the infamous “bio-exorcist,” Betelgeuse.

This quote stems from Barbara asking Betelgeuse what his credentials are to expel these obnoxious people from their home, and Betelgeuse responds with this line. What makes this one of the funniest moments in a Tim Burton film is that along with these qualifications, he also throws in that he graduated from Harvard business school and traveled the world extensively.

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