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7 Movies From 2021 That Deserve A Sequel, According To Reddit

Every once in a while, a movie comes along that ends up being more than just a good piece of cinema. These movies give the audience a glimpse of a world and characters which deserve a sequel to fully explore. 2021 was no different, and although it was filled with franchise releases, there were some fresh entries that deserve another installment.

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While some of the entries here already have a sequel in early development, others seem like one-off movies for now. Nonetheless, these are the movies that Reddit users feel deserve to be explored more.

Although Mortal Kombat wasn’t exactly a blockbuster, a lot of fans of the series enjoyed this fun, albeit flawed movie. This movie worked by not taking itself too seriously and a lot of Reddit users feel that even if they manage to slightly improve the sequel, it could be a really fun addition to the Mortal Kombat universe.

Redditor QueerTransGirl29 hopes that “Mileena is back & that her girlfriend, Tanya will be in the movie too.” With the sprawling video game universe and diverse characters, the studio could really experiment with what direction they want to take the franchise in a sequel. They could also introduce some of the fan-favorite characters from the games, including Johny Cage. There are even actors who would be ideal to play Johny Cage in the next installment.

Free Guy was a surprise for everyone, and no one expected this movie to be as fun as it was. Other than Ryan Reynolds being Ryan Reynolds, the universe which the movie created was quite unique, even though the concept has already been explored before with the other similar movies to Free Guy. But this was a fresh spin to it.

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Royal-Lack6429 suggests that “There are a lot of factors they can explore within the world” for a sequel. It would be really interesting to see how this universe is expanded, as the studio has a lot of different directions they can go to. Free Guy would be the perfect vehicle to continue to explore the video game genre in this way, as most previous movies have failed. And with the metaverse becoming more of a reality, there could be interesting discussions about the possibility of such a universe in real life.

For fans of The Sopranos, The Many Saints of Newark was a treat. Tony Soprano was already a mythical figure and a crime boss when the show had originally started. But with this movie, the fans wanted a full origin story of how the character got to that position.

But the movie only set up the rise of Tony Soprano and not how he actually got to the place where he was during the start of the series. This would be a fascinating journey, especially when people already know how it ends. Redditor arushidheer says: “The many saints newark…… definitely needs a sequel!! I need to see the progression of tony soprano to his glorious self.”

The White Tiger was based on a 2008 novel by Aravind Adiga, and in it, the audience gets to see Balram break free of his life of servitude and become an entrepreneur with his successful taxi business. So, it would be really interesting to see how he treats his own servants now that he is in a position of power.

Redditor naenae403 also thinks that “A sequel can complete the life story of the protagonist.” It could also be a revenge story against The Stork and his family, and this could also see the return of Priyanka Chopra Jonas and other cast members.

Raya and The Last Dragon was a refreshing movie from Disney which made it comfortably enter the roster of Disney’s top revival era movies. Although the movie provided a little backstory about the world, a prequel or a sequel that could explore this universe further would be quite interesting. It would also be a start of a new franchise, which the industry is lacking, at the moment.

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Redditor naenae403, again, suggests that Raya and The Last Dragon, “Can become a solid franchise.” After the mid-2000s, there hasn’t been a stable Disney or new Pixar franchise, and a sequel could create and develop this world further.

Wrath of Man was a dark horse when it comes to action movies. It was Jason Statham doing what he does best, being a badass, but there was little character development in terms of his background. This worked to create a mystic around him, but a future movie could explore this in much more depth.

Redditor Royal-Lack6429, again, suggests that “Wrath of man could be a worthy opponent to John Wick and it is always good to see Jason Stathom [sic] like his old self.” Either his origin story or a pure sequel would be enjoyable. Wrath of Man could prove to be a fun franchise outside the comic book sphere, offering a fresh and different take.

Even though Finch had a complete ending, the world that the movie set up has a lot of possibilities for further exploration. The movie was about the relationship between a humanoid robot, a dog and Finch, and the ending provided some hope for humanity in the dystopian world. Finch also introduced one of the best robot sidekicks in movies.

Redditor shreyasnijhawan also feels that “It would be really interesting to see this world explored more and how the robot can only help the dog but also humanity in general.” It would also be interesting to see how the humanoid robot could play a role in helping the survivors and restoring Earth to its formal glory.

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