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10 My Hero Academia Characters & Their Harry Potter Counterparts

Two franchises that focus on the dreams of a young boy, destined for great things, as he trains in an otherworldly school among powered friends and rivals. While a comparison between Harry Potter and My Hero Academia may seem random at first, there are plenty of similarities between the two.

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From the ongoing fight of good vs evil, the importance of a growing boy with talent and dreams and the magical/superpowered schools at the heart of each franchise there is a lot to compare between the two. But what about the characters? Who is the Dumbledore equivalent in the My Hero universe?


The most obvious comparison between the two successful franchises comes in the form of their leading characters. The audience follows these two boys as they begin their journey, entering school and overcoming evils with the help of their classmates and mentors.

Their similarities go deeper though, with each character holding a deep need to help others, both frequently putting themselves in harm’s way if it means they can protect the people they care about.

Both highly intelligent and talented, these two students are more alike than you may first think. Taking on the extra responsibility of the vice president of Class 1-A, Momo is studious and practical.

Hermione on the other hand is known for being the smartest witch in her year and an all-around bookworm. Similarly, Momo’s quirk means that she needs to spend time studying molecular structure in order for her quirk to work. These two level-headed characters are also often the ones keeping their more unruly and impulsive friends and classmates in check.

These two students are probably both best remembered for their antics and abilities for things, in one way or another, to blow back up in their faces.

While Seamus’s spells and positions alike tended to more often than not conclude with an explosion and its mess all over his face, Denki’s overuse of his quirk usually leads to this UA student short-circuiting. The similar ongoing jokes surrounding their lack of intelligence and resulting failures are what primarily make these students so alike.

While the headmaster position is more comparable to a My Hero character such as Nezu, it’s the mentor figure that comes in the form of these characters that instead shows their similarities.

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Providing useful insights as well as putting the young impressionable main characters in harm’s way is what both of these mentoring father-figure characters do best, even if they do both try and keep their best intentions at heart.

While not one of the more common characters in the Harry Potter franchise, Percy Weasley can be best remembered for his actions early on as a strict prefect and Head Boy and then later on for his loyalty to the ministry, ignoring the claims that Voldemort had returned and acting against Dumbledore for the ministry.

While Iida shows more signs of loyalty to his friends than Percy did to his family, as the Class 1-A president, Iida is a stickler for the rules, enforcing them often strictly upon his fellow classmates, similar to Percy.

While this may be less true for the later Harry Potter books and films, as Ginny becomes more of an independent and strong character as opposed to Ron’s fumbling younger sister who has an embarrassing crush on the main character, Harry.

The aforementioned younger Ginny shares a lot of similar characteristics with My Hero’s Uraraka, largely their embarrassing and obvious feelings for the main characters. However, once Ginny gets older and shows her uses as a witch, she also has a strong resemblance to Uraraka’s drive and fierce determination.

While Denki does need an honourable mention as being a third Weasley twin, the combination of Sero and Kirishima took the edge on this one. Despite the hero in training duo not causing quite as much mayhem as the Weasley twins, the two are often seen antagonising their friends, namely Bakugo and being generally a bit chaotic.

The two also are both very extraverted and friendly, with a more serious side that will come out if they need to protect their friends, but are ultimately some of the bigger jokesters in Class 1-A.

Two sullen teachers always dressed in black and both with matching deadpan voicing and expressions. Further from their teaching positions, their strict attitudes towards their students particularly towards the main characters of each franchise are very similar to each other.

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Both characters also share a hidden softer side, Snape’s love for Harry’s mother Lily and Aizawa’s care for his students, both leading them to put themselves in harm’s way for the safety of their students against evil, despite the uncaring facade that they both strive to maintain.

A blond rival that bullies the main character? Check. While Bakugo is much more aggressive than Draco could ever be and Draco is much more of a coward in both his personality and his actions, the two do still share similarities.

Typical of the Slytherin Hogwarts House, both are highly competitive, ambitious, and arrogant, the two often take it upon themselves to single out the main characters and target them with threats and insults. Despite this, the two main characters still always try to help them which eventually leads to some form of character growth from these bad-boy types.

The comparison between these two might seem random but they are actually very similar. This is mainly due to their, questionable, interests in their unwanted staring at others, particularly when they’re vulnerable, both having been caught trying to spy on their targets in baths.

They are also both often prone to a lot of tears, Myrtle’s quite literally becoming part of her name as she cries while haunting the toilets, and Mineta often breaking out crying as soon as he encounters any form of danger.

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