UN tasks Taliban on missing female activists

The United Nations on Saturday called on the Taliban to provide information on the whereabouts of two women rights activists who were allegedly abducted from their houses in Kabul a few days ago.

In a statement on Twitter, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) expressed its concerns regarding the disappearance of the activists who were reportedly abducted by the Taliban on Wednesday night.

“The UN shares growing concerns on the disappearance of two Afghan women activists, Tamana Zaryabi Paryani & Parawana Ibrahimkhel, reportedly abducted from their homes overnight Wednesday. We urge the Taliban to provide information on their whereabouts & to protect the rights of all Afghans,” UNAMA wrote on the platform.

Since then, a disturbing video of Ms Paryani has been circulating on social media that shows the activist calling for help as men claiming to be from the Taliban intelligence department, are knocking on her door.

She was disconnected after sharing this video with local broadcaster Aamaj News.

Ms Ibrahimkhel went missing on the same night.

Both activists are known for protesting against the Taliban in the past five months.

The Taliban authorities have rejected their arrest and called the video released by Ms Paryani fake.

Since the takeover of the country, the regime has introduced a series of restrictive measures targeting women and girls.

Many women have been barred from returning to their jobs. Taxi drivers have been directed not to pick up female passengers who are not wearing a specific hijab, or Islamic head covering.

Women fear repercussions if they leave the house without a male relative.

Teenage schoolgirls in most provinces have not been allowed to return to class.

Taliban fighters have repeatedly beaten, threatened, or briefly detained Afghan women and girls who have protested against the measures.

In addition, there is a pattern of women disappearing and being killed without anyone taking responsibility.


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