A married business woman of Lusaka has gone back to school to fulfill her childhood dream. She writes:

I wanted to wait to post these photos of me first day at school until next month on my birthday but then a voice whispered to me and said u post u encourage someone out there who is about to give up… Well, most of u that really know me from way back know that nursing has been my passion id have been working and would have saved many years working by now but I was blocked I dint have science n maths I kept trying and trying until an agent introduced me to a certain GCE center where I wrote and cleared my math n science proud to say I got a 2 merit in both yes pipo would think writing GCE is shameful wat wat the h*ll no gce means u have made ur mind and want to better ur life with education.

yes I used to say ah school is not for everyone am a business person I make money everyday bla bla bla then I just realized I needed a paper to back me up in future in case I move to the UK yah long story short , most of u been seeing me advertising things on Facebook advertising I teach pipo become enterprenurs ,I was saving to take myself to school and am proudly saying am sponsoring myself to school thru my hard earned money , why Grace?why can’t ur husband do it? My husband can do it but I want to put more effort I will feel the pain of paying so I will make sure I pass as I turn 30+ this year this is the gift iv given myself from me to me am Soo happy and the journey looks good Soo far … My passion

Source:Zambia reports

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