Animal protection activists intensify laying hens’ welfare campaign

The Animal Protection Organization of Nigeria (APON), a fast-rising non-profit organisation, with a focus on animal protection and is known for its corporate and institutional campaign has reinstated its campaign on the welfare of laying hens as part of its activities for 2022.

It will be recalled that in 2021, APON embarked on various campaigns to improve the lives of terrestrial animals and marine life enrichment. They have, however, announced they have more on their sleeves in 2022.

“APON under my leadership will always strive hard to ensure animals are treated fairly. We have begun projects addressing animal cruelty and I’m very optimistic that the impact of our work will make a large difference for animals,” said Joseph Odika, the executive director of APON.

“APON will intensify its cage-free campaign (laying hens’ welfare campaign) in 2022. We began this project in 2021 in Ibadan and Lagos. It’s spreading like wildfire. This year, we will extend it to Osun State, where there are large egg demand, supply and production.

“This year also, we shall embark on intensive research into the welfare of farmed fish in Nigeria with our partner, One Health Development Initiative (OHDI). We have begun a skeletal survey already. It’s imperative that we conduct this research with the aim to improve the welfare of aqua-cultural fishes in Nigeria.

“We will make sure the youths are carried along and make them understand the concept and principles of animal welfare. This is why they form the largest audience of our project. We shall carry them along with wildlife conservation, anti-cruelty campaign, Biodiversity enrichment, climate action, nutrition and many more,” APON said.


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