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NYC: Muslim activist denounces priest as ‘Christian dog’ for criticizing Islam: ‘I will beat the crap out of him’



You might wonder how Bahgat Saber can use such vile language when posing as the pious defender of his holy prophet. The reason is that his prophet talked in the same manner. Consider these hadiths (thanks to Sam Shamoun):

Ubayy b. Ka’b told that he heard God’s messenger say, “If anyone proudly asserts his descent in the manner of the pre-Islamic people, tell him to bite his father’s penis, and do not use a euphemism.” It is transmitted in Sarah [sic] as-sunna. (Mishkat Al Masabih, English Translation With Explanatory Notes By Dr. James Robson [Sh. Muhammad Ashraf Publishers, Booksellers & Exporters, Lahore, Pakistan, Reprinted 1994], Volume II, Book XXIV — General Behaviour, Chapter XIII. Boasting and Party-Spirit, p. 1021)


Then ‘Urwah said: “Muhammad, tell me: if you extirpate your tribesmen, have you ever heard of any of the Arabs who destroyed his own race before you? And if the contrary comes to pass, by God I see both prominent people and rabble who are likely to flee and leave you.” Abu Bakr said, “Go suck the clitoris of al-Lat!” — al-Lat was the idol of Thaqif, which they used to worship — “Would we flee and leave him?” (The History of al-Tabari — The Victory of Islam, translated by Michael Fishbein [State University of New York Press (SUNY), Albany 1997], Volume VIII (8), p. 76)

And in the words of Abu Bakr As-Sideeq to ‘Urwah: “Suck Al-Lat’s clitoris!” — there is a permissibility of speaking plainly the name of the private parts if there is some benefit to be gained thereby, just as he [Muhammad] permitted a plain response to the one who made the claims of the Jahiliyyah (i.e. claims of tribal superiority), by saying: “Bite your father’s penis!”[3] And for every situation there is a (fitting) saying. (Provisions for the Hereafter (Mukhtasar Zad Al-Ma’ad), by Imam Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah, summarized by Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab At-Tamimi [Darussalam Publishers & Distributors, First Edition: September 2003], Chapter. Regarding the Story of Al-Hudaibiyyah, p. 383; source; words within brackets ours)

Original video:

MEMRI excerpt:

“NY-Based Muslim Brotherhood Activist Bahgat Saber Threatens ‘Christian Dog’ Coptic Priest Zakaria Botros And Egyptian-American Political Analyst Magdi Khalil: The Punishment For Cursing The Prophet Muhammad Is Beheading (Warning: Explicit Language),” MEMRI, November 15, 2021:

On November 15, 2021, New York-based Muslim Brotherhood activist Bahgat Saber uploaded a video to his YouTube and Facebook accounts in which he cursed and threatened Egyptian Coptic priest Zakaria Botros, who is known for his criticism of Islam….

Bahgat Saber: “If [Egyptian Coptic priest] Zakaria Botros, that son of a f*cking bitch, whose mother was a whore with a towel in her c*nt, had said ‘Sisi, go home!’ they would have beaten the crap out of him. He would have been extradited from Cyprus a long time ago. This son of a bitch lives in Cyprus. Some people are saying that he lives in America, but he doesn’t. He does not live in America! If he does, give me the address, and I will beat the crap out of him.


“Let’s make this easy. If anyone has information that Botros, that Christian dog, that son of a bitch, that homo, who was born when a piggy priest opened his mother’s legs and f*cked her… We have been quiet for a long time. There is another son of a bitch called Magdi Khalil, who lives here in America. He talks about Islam in a mistaken way. Fine. You can criticize Islam as much as you want. But if this Christian dog ever thinks of turning against our Prophet, I will beat the crap out of him.


“When [a Muslim] attacks Christianity, he attacks the religion itself, you Christian dog. He attacks the mistakes in your religion. Go and discuss it with him, you f*cker. But when you lie about our Prophet, even though you sons of bitches know that the punishment for cursing our Prophet is beheading… Beheading, you sons of bitches. There is no question about this. Any son of a whore whose mother sticks a finger up his ass… Decapitations, you sons of filthy whores!”

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